25 Attributes employers look for when hiring creative people

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peopleRecently I have written a lot of articles about the various creative agencies I visited in Seattle, Washington.  At each agency, I asked the creative professionals which attributes they considered vital for someone in a creative profession. Below is a list of the wide variety of answers I received.

25 Attributes and Abilities all creative professionals should possess. (in no particular order)

Weber Shandwick

1.    Be motivated and eager to learn

2.    Be Organized

3.    Be able to multitask & juggle projects

4.    Develop written and verbal communication skills

5.    Be able to think critically

6.    Become familiar with social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.

Highstreet Advertising

7.    Be deadline oriented

8.    Be assertive and confident in your abilities

9.    Care about clients


10.    Develop good writing skills

11.    Be well-rounded

12.    Develop organizational skills

DNA Brand Mechanics

13.    Have a can-do attitude

14.    Develop and maintain a good portfolio(if necessary enroll in a portfolio school

15.    Have a passion for what you do

16.    Be curious about the industry

17.    Find ways to “break through the clutter”

18.    Understand the importance of research in creative work


19.    Be teachable and humble

20.    Be authentic

21.    Keep an open mind about things

22.    Network constantly

23.    Have a genuine interest

24.    Get a good education

25.    Develop curiosity about the world around you

Well, there you have it. 25 tips from some of the best creative professionals around.  What other traits do you find important?

avatarAbout the Author: Preston Lee is an award-winning freelance graphic designer and photographer that has a passion for good design. Preston loves to share his thoughts about graphic design with others and is the principal content supplier for GraphicDesignBlender.com.

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