50+ entrepreneurs and freelancers you should follow on twitter today!

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As a freelancer, Twitter is an important resource. It allows freelancers to share with other connect with each other, share things that inspire us, motivate us, and help us to succeed.

For those who are looking to connect with other freelancers on twitter, here is a list of 50 awesome entrepreneurs, freelancers and creative business people to follow this year!

(PS: Don’t forget to leave a comment on this post sharing your twitter handle so we can all connect with you.)

(PPS: You can connect with the whole GDB team on twitter at @designblender, @prestondlee, @aprilgreer, and @brentgalloway.)

1. Matt Ward – @echoenduring

2. Dickie Adams – @dickieadams

3. Bkmcdaddy – @bkmacdaddy

4. Ampersandrew – @ampersandrew

5. Meagan Fisher – @owltastic 

6. Art Silva – @artmsilva

7. Jonathan Nicol – @f6design

8. Nicole Dominguez – @sodevious

9. Tyler Galpin – @tylergalpin

10. Nick Burd – @nick_burd

11. Cliff Huizenga – @Cliffpro

12. David Merrique – @davidmerrique

13. Steven Bradley – @vangogh

14. Liam McKay – @liammckay

15. Mark Hobbs – @markhobbsdesign

16. Holli Graham – @ClickfireCoder

17. Johnny Spence – @freelancerant

18. Scrivs – @scrivs

19. Joseph McCullough – @Joe_query

20. Sarah Parmenter – @sazzy

21. Callum Chapman – @callumchapman

22. Marnie B – @marnieb

23. Radu Chelariu – @sickdesigner

24. Matt Ward – @echoenduring

25. Adelle Charles – @adellecharles

26. Brian Hoff – @behoff

27. Grace Smith – @gracesmith

28. Michal Kozak – @michalkozak

29. Mathew Carpenter – @matcarpenter

30. Minna Kim Mazza – @mkmazza

31. Veerle Pieters – @vpieters

32. Brad Colbow – @bradcolbow

33. Aaron Moody – @imaaronmoody

34. Caleb Loffer – @Ceagon

35. Niki Bivona – @nikibivona

36. Dave Zemens – @1955Design

37. Kyee – @kyee

38. Von Glitschka – @Vonster

39. Amanda Drake – @ManaDrake

40. Chris Spooner – @chrisspooner

41. Dustin Drees – @dustindrees

42. Rachel Shillcock – @missrachilli

43. Laura Spencer – @TXWriter

44. Brent Galloway – @BrentGalloway

45. Grace Oris – @GraceOris

46. Mattia Forza – @UniqueDesignIT

47. Ken Reynolds – @kreynoldsdesign

48. Brian Clark – @copyblogger

49. Mike Smith – @blogdesigner

50. Jacob Cass – @justcreative

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About Nicole Foster

Nicole Foster is a professional website designer from New York that loves meeting new people. At Nicole Foster Designs, she offers website, wordpress, and ecommerce services to unique businesses. In her free time, she enjoys meditating and chatting with other designers.

  • http://www.writingthoughts.com Laura Spencer

    Wow! Great list. I think I’m already following a lot of this, but I will have to go back through it. Thanks for including me on it.

  • http://www.design-4-sign.com Bree

    Always looking for other great freelancers to network with, so thank you for this wonderful list! You can find me at @design4sign

  • http://aerialardour.com/ Aireen Arellano

    Thanks for this great list, guys! I would love to connect on Twitter! I’m always looking to learn from the best. ^_^ @aerialardour

  • http://danieldehart.com Daniel DeHart (@danieldehart)

    Awesome! My feed just got 50x bigger!

  • http://wbdesigns.org/ Wendy Butcher

    Please follow me @wbdesigns

  • http://www.sureewoong.com/ sureewoong

    Thanks for the list Nicole… follow me here @sureewoong

  • http://www.ursinodesigns.com Sal

    Always great to connect!

  • http://www.stephaniekunes.com Stephanie

    I’d love to learn from other freelancers and connect! I am a graphic designer excited to learn and thrive :) @stephkunes

  • http://www.clementinecreative.co.za Carmia Cronjé

    Thanks for the list! I’m already following a few of them. My twitter handle is @clementinecreat

  • http://phillustrations.com Phil Scroggs

    Thanks for the list! @phillustrations

  • http://fngeniusdesigns.com Joe Nichols

    Awesome post. I just wanted to get my handle on here too for anyone who wants to connect @fngeniusjoe

  • http://fknabben.carbonmade.com Fabio

    Thanks for helping me increase my network!
    Who wants to check my freelance portfolio can take a look at: http://boraprojetos.carbonmade.com
    twitter: @fabioknabben

    Thanks from Brazil!

  • Jaron Barnes

    I’m a newbie on Twitter, looking to get more connected with the design community. Thanks for the list! Big help.

  • http://deluxmultimedia.com Paul McShea

    Great idea. Thank you!

  • Legend

    waoh!that’s a long list…and i love. Wanna learn all i can 😀 @whois_legend

  • http://chrysaliswebdevelopment.com Eddie

    Awesome! Thanks for the list, my feed has also gotten about 50X bigger! @chrysalisweb

  • http://www.JasonLongo.com Jason Longo

    Follow me on Twitter at @JasonLongo – Graphic/Web/Social Media guy out of Tampa Bay.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rosabennettgraphicdesign Rosa

    Really enjoy your posts! Thanks! Follow me @RB_GDesign

  • http://eeriealliance.blogspot.com Travis

    Would love to connect with you guys!! @trvsstinnett

  • http://www.arturschmal.com Artur

    Thanks for sharing this list. You can follow me @arturschmal


  • http://fcknteam.org Marlon

    Hi! Reading from Guatemala. @elGuil web designer.

  • http://www.glendaledesigns.com Sabine

    Would love to connect on twitter! @GlendaleDesigns

  • http://www.kristenschwartz.com/ Kristen Schwartz

    What a great idea! I’m a web designer, print and digital book designer/formatter and illustrator. On Twitter – @SchwartzKristen

  • http://www.samanthajane.co.nz Samantha Holmes

    Thanks guys! I’m a creative from Auckland, New Zealand.
    Feel free to follow me @S_J_Holmes

  • http://www.lovelydesigns.co.uk Marie-Louise O’Neill

    I am a graphic designer by day and a Lovely Designer by night and weekends! Creating bespoke and customised invites and designs for weddings and special occasions in my spare time.

  • http://cozymade.com stephanie

    Currently working as both freelance designer, an in-house designer (full time) and also do handmade on the side. My design website is under construction while i try to transition to a full time freelancer. eeek.

  • http://www.paxcreative.com Erhan


    Currently working as a freelancer looking to grow. Feel free to follow

  • http://www.alexhennig.ca alex

    thanks for this. I’m a freelancer in the lovely Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. follow me back @alexcleardesign

  • http://e9designs.com Kraig Elliott


    We are freelance designers and appreciate all the great info at GDB. Feel free to follow on Twitter.

  • http://mazzaweb.com Minna Kim Mazza

    Hey thanks for including me here. Always a pleasure to connect with other designers!

  • http://nicholasnelson.net/ Nicholas Nelson

    Great post. Fellow freelance designer/design thinker @nicholasnelson

  • http://www.JennieBrownHakim.com Jennie Brown Hakim

    I made some new Twitter connections today, thanks to this post. My Twitter name is @JennieBH. I promise I will deliver good Tweets!

  • Jordan Brooks

    This was much needed i was searching for designers to follow thanks


  • http://nataliegraham.carbonmade.com/ Natalie

    Thanks for the list! I’m just getting into freelance. Twitter handle is @Nattgraham

  • Vicky

    Great list! Number 1 and 24 are the same though…

  • http://www.serifaestheticsolutions.wordpress.com Noah Fuzy

    I wish I discovered this list sooner! Awesome suggestions on entrepenuers and freelancers!

  • http://www.1902software.com Jelyn Breis

    Wow, this list is very helpful. Thanks for sharing.


  • http://www.jeffreyhuynh.co.uk/blog Jeff Huynh

    Thanks for this list! Freelance Graphic Designer here based in the UK @_jeffhuynh

  • http://www.platingpixels.com Matt @ Plating Pixels

    Great list! I’m a designer, food photographer and blogger. Check it out @platingpixels

  • http://www.danielp.co.uk Daniel Patterson

    Great list for connecting with like-minded people.
    I am a UK graphic designer specialising in branding. Connect with me @hello_danielp.