Announcing "From Passion to Profit" The Best Email Business Course for Designers

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If you’ve ever wanted to take your design career to the next level, you won’t want to miss this exciting news:

Today, we are excited to announce, for the first time at Millo, a premium memberships email course delivered to your inbox for eleven days beginning June 1.

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This email course, titled “From Passion to Profit“, is packed full of the top business secrets your competitors don’t want you to know about. It’s an opportunity your design business just can’t stand to miss.

From Passion to Profit” is all about turning your passion for good design into a steady profit you can live off of. This 11-day email course is packed full of business secrets, professional advice, and priceless tips to help you give a boost to your design business.

For designers who are ready to be successful

And the great news is, I’ve created this custom course especially for Millo readers! I’ve spent countless hours pouring over comments and questions on the blog, in my email, and on twitter and facebook.

After taking this email course, you’ll be better prepared to face the most common challenges and problems designers face as they strive to build a successful business. Preregister now and pay only $15.20 – That’s 20% off!

Free Printable E-Book Included

Upon completion of the course, which starts June 1, you’ll receive a free printable ebook containing all 11 lessons plus some excellent bonus material.

Course Outline

Not sure this is something your design business needs? Have a look at the course schedule. Each of the following lessons is packed full of priceless, premium information you won’t want to miss! Or visit the registration page to learn more!

  • Lesson 1: Making the mental commitment
  • Lesson 2: Naming your design business and other important details
  • Lesson 3: Making your first piece of profit
  • Lesson 4: Finding clients to fuel your business
  • Lesson 5: Project management tips to boost productivity
  • Lesson 6: Setting and reaching goals
  • Lesson 7: Finance secrets your accountant doesn’t want you to know
  • Lesson 8: Staying current on your design skills
  • Lesson 9: Finding steady profit through passive income
  • Lesson 10: Dealing with growth and hiring people
  • Lesson 11: Continuing successfully for the rest of your career

Get 20% off if you preregister before May 1

The course hits email inboxes everywhere beginning June 1, 2011. And as a gift to all Millo readers, we’re offering 20% off if you preregister for this course before May 1, 2011. Now, you’ll get 11 days jam-packed with tips and secrets for only $15.20.

Register Now

We’ve teased you long enough. If you’re ready to take your design career to the next step, enter your name and email address below to preregister and get 20% off today!

Sidenote: Once you finish, read how 4 freelancers built recurring revenue models that changed their business. You'll love it.

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  1. Just signed up. Looking forward to it!


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