From getting fired to building a thriving creative agency: Clay Mosley (FTF 2.2)

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Clay Mosley was fired from every job he ever held.

His first job out of college was working as an insurance fraud investigator. It didn’t take long to realize that job wasn’t for him.

For the next 10 years, Clay hopped from job to job, getting fired from each one. But he didn’t get fired because he was lazy or not good at his job.

He worked for traditional people and figured out how to do the work in half the time. Clay wasn’t traditional so the traditional jobs didn’t work for him.

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Note: today’s post is all about season 2, episode 2 of our new podcast, Freelance to Founder. For more detail and the complete story, you can listen to Clay’s episode below (or on iTunes or Pocket Casts.)

In January 2014, a year before Clay would be fired from his last job, he set out to build websites part-time. After realizing he was unemployable, Clay convinced his wife to give him 1 year to make a go out of freelancing.

You'll also enjoy this episode of our new podcast...

In February 2015, he started Rock City Digital – and it’s worked out ever since. But that doesn’t mean Clay has been making money the entire time.

It wasn’t until about 8 months in that Clay took a more disciplined approach to his business, created some processes, and started to treat the business like a business.

Clay takes an unorthodox approach to his business, but what he’s done has worked for him and the team that works along side him.

Clay allows his employees to work in the creative environment that best suits them. They are given flexibility, whether that be from home, a coffee shop, or late into the night.

He says, “It’s important to find your stride to be as productive as you can.”

To hear the complete story of how Clay uses non-traditional methods to run a thriving agency, you can listen to episode 2.2 of Freelance to Founder:

You can also listen to the entire first and second season of Freelance to Founder on our website, in iTunes, or through Pocket Casts.

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