Sean McCabe: From washing windows to building a massive online brand (FTF 2.1)

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Sean McCabe has always loved learning.

As the oldest of 13 children (9 boys and 4 girls), Sean spent his early education in homeschool. In his family, learning on your own was encouraged. Sean soon found himself a voracious reader and was always borrowing new books to read.

Despite a love for learning, Sean soon discovered that a formal college education was not for him. He took jobs mowing lawns and washing windows to make ends meet. It was on the top of a 32 foot ladder that Sean started to re-think some of his decisions.

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Sean met someone in town and started talking about handlettering. It was at this point that he decided to turn in the ladders for good.

And he started creating.

He worked a full-time job and started creating handlettering art at night and on the weekends.

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Sean recalls, “I was told to just create. This gave me the permission I needed.”

That’s when Sean began his handlettering business, that eventually turned into the seanwes brand.

Sean saw a bigger business opportunity than just handlettering and decided to apply his business background to his art.

He developed a course to help artists make a living with their art. His first course brought in six figures of sales in the first few days of launching.

Now, Sean has a successful brand, a team of people working with him, and a selection of podcasts, membership communities, and other courses to help people in different industries apply the same principles he has seen work.

To hear the complete story of how Sean turned his love of handlettering into a successful business, you can listen to episode one of season two of Freelance to Founder.

You can also listen to the entire first and second season of Freelance to Founder on our website, in iTunes, or through Pocket Casts.

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