Freelance to Founder Season 4 featuring Chris Do, Cynthia Johnson, Sarah Morgan, Justin Jackson and more!

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Today we’re excited to announce that in one week, we’ll be coming at you with Season 4 of our most listened-to podcast, Freelance to Founder.

And this season is going to be something else! We’ve got some incredible stories and guests including entrepreneur, speaker, and columnist Cynthia Johnson; David and Lou—a power couple who have built two very successful creative agencies; and Emmy-award winning designer Chris Do.

We’ll also hear from cubicle-dweller-turned-full-time-blogger, Sarah Morgan of XOSarah and Jake Jorgovan, who recently built a 33,000/month business from scratch in 6 months.

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Then there’s Marc Von Brockdorf, a co-founder of the rapidly-growing tech startup, HotJar; and self-proclaimed internet stuntman, Justin Jackson.

It’s going to be a killer season and we can’t wait to kick it off in just one week.

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