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Want more clients from your website? This checklist should help you get it up to speed – and help you grow. A lot of these things I’ve written about in the past, but I thought it’d be helpful to put them […]


When you think about what web design is, what comes to mind? A WordPress theme, 5 or so pages of content, a few plugins, giving the client what they want and getting paid a few grand for your hard work? For […]


When my wife, Jamie, and I graduated from college in 2010, there were two things we never thought we’d be doing for a living: freelancing, and teaching. Who wants the stress of not knowing when your next paycheck is going […]


Business is personal, people keep on saying – and you probably have no idea how true that really is, financially speaking, for freelancers and entrepreneurs. For starters, as a solopreneur all major business credit card issuers will use your personal […]


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The freelance business is a constant balancing act of countering forces. Balancing time, fees, timelines, estimates and planning throughout the project. Balancing the give and take of a healthy overall client relationship. Balancing rates/hours to secure the business while not […]


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When you’re a freelancer, the line between marketing and sales for your business tends to blur. Every single interaction you have with your customers is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them and promote repeat business. One way to […]


Before starting my career as a full-time freelance blogger, I used to sell landing page designing gigs on Fiverr part-time. Back then, I used to make $2,000+ each month with little effort on my end, and so far I’ve made […]


When you’re new to freelancing, the majority of your time is spent marketing yourself. When a project finally does come in, it’s very simple to drop everything to get it done. Sounds easy, right 🙂 But what about when the […]


I remember my first freelance client and even my first job interview. I was nervous. I was scared. I didn’t want to fail. We’ve all felt like this before. But overcoming fear is critical to succeeding in business. Here are a […]


One of the basic tenets of business is to keep expenses low and profits high. Over the last few years, particularly in the tech startup world, an extreme form of this theory, called bootstrapping, has become extremely popular. Bootstrapping is […]


I believe if you change what’s on the inside, in your heart, in your mind, you automatically act and think differently. You create a different life. You tweak a few things under the hood of your car, and suddenly it goes […]


No one likes to be the bad guy. But there comes a time in every freelancer’s life when it becomes glaringly obvious that it’s time to say goodbye to a client. It’s true that difficult clients are a part of doing […]


I wish being a freelancer just meant creating innovative and thought-provoking work all day. That’d be fun, right? Unfortunately, If we want to create a business out of doing what we love, at some point or another we’re going to have […]


The global workforce is undergoing a massive freelance surge. In 2015, approximately 53 million Americans ditched the 9 to 5 to become professional freelancers. That’s 1 in 3 Americans, or a little over 1,200 sold-out pro baseball fields. And who wouldn’t want a freelance lifestyle? […]