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When we’re faced with scary situations in business & life, our instinct is often to shy away from them. But what would happen if we didn’t? In today’s video, learn how embracing your fears can help you and your business […]


From a web designer in South Carolina down to the last $600, to another in Central New York who resurrected his business from the brink of extinction, here are three success stories that will make you believe there are tried-and-tested […]


You are not right for most people. As I say in my book Work With Clients You Love, working with better paying clients starts with being selective and saying no to the ones who are a bad fit for working […]


Three years ago, I realized that working at a mind-numbing 9-to-5 corporate job just wasn’t for me. I looked at my boss, and my boss’s boss and noticed that I wasn’t interested in their positions or what they did on […]


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Let’s rewind to mid-April 2015. I’d gone back to my home town to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and to visit my accountant to finally file my taxes. (I’m usually not one to wait until the deadline, but a hiccup with […]


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There are a lot of articles out there about why ConvertKit is better than MailChimp. And while healthy competition is awesome, those articles are way off the mark when it comes to their true portrayal of MailChimp. In the effort […]


Nate was the only boy in a family of all girls. Which meant he had a chance to spend lots of time with his dad, who worked at home. Greg, Nate’s dad, worked at home from the time his children […]


Your blog isn’t just for SEO. Get more clients through your blog and social media posts by using these 2 simple post types. (Also – I’m considering a part 2 where I show you how to promote your blog posts […]


In November 2002, I had a lot of reasons to be more than happy. I had just returned from a trip I had made with my brand-new car, I had a considerable amount in my bank account, I worked as a […]


You’re a good writer. And you know it. You feel confident that you’ve got a strong portfolio full of writing samples that show off your chops. There’s just one problem: While your samples are well-written, they aren’t helping you sell […]


A terrible jittery feeling spread through my stomach. The lump in my throat hardened and my head began to spin. ‘How did I find myself in this situation?’ I asked myself, heart sinking. I was on the phone. On the […]


Courtney Brown has always been a hard worker. At her very first job, she worked at little girls’ birthday parties where she learned from her boss, a female entrepreneur, that anything was possible with determination and hard work. But Courtney […]


FREE personal training session! FREE phone when you upgrade your plan! FREE 14-day trial of {X} software! 30 days of unlimited yoga for just $30! Even AOL used to mail out CDs with a FREE month of service. Every other […]


Starting off as a freelancer is terrifying for all who choose this path. No matter the skillset or area of expertise, there’s always that small voice in your head that debates if this was the right decision. Just to give […]