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I recently had a chance to meet with Ramon Vasquez, one of the lead designers at Creature, a world-class creative boutique and advertising agency based out of Seattle, Washington. He mentioned that he had received three creative portfolios that day […]


…as taught by Copacino+Fujikado Ad Agency. I recently attended a group interview with Copacino+Fujikado, one of the leading advertising agencies in Seattle, Washington.  They presented the three “i”s that, if executed efficiently, will lead to a successful ad campaign and […]


If you work in a creative field, chances are you have a personal blog.  So what makes the difference between your blog and your grandmother’s? You actually have content that you need to share with the world. Similarities?…Unfortunately no one […]


Let’s face it. There are a lot of us out there: creatives trying to become a successful freelance designer. Freelance designing is wonderful but the market is so saturated that we often lack what we need to become successful. Below […]


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Most of the time, we feel creative. That’s why we are passionate about what we do.  Graphic designers, advertisers, writers, all of us are expected to be creative on a daily basis and frequently we are paid to be creative […]