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It’s truly amazing what getting knocked down 4,873 times can teach you. I mean honestly, if you knew how hard it would be to run a successful design business, would you still do it? In the early days, I remember feeling […]


Firing your client seems almost unheard of. After all, isn’t the backbone of any thriving business a large customer base? You may think so, but some clients aren’t worth your time. By devoting your time to clients that you find […]


I recently became part of a small team for a digital agency based in San Francisco. We’d spent 3 weeks prepping for a pitch for a client prospect. During the preparation process, I found myself drawing a lot of parallels […]


I remember receiving some bad news earlier in my career from a client that I was doing some identity work for. We’d finished the logo, moved on to the stationery, and were just about to wrap things up when my […]


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The last 2 years have been the most creative and productive in my whole career. In April 2014 I created my blog about design psychology. Since then I’ve published 50 posts, including videos. One year later I rebranded my studio, setup […]


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Let’s get one thing clear – even if you think you ace pricing your service, there’s always room for improvement. You don’t want to keep pricing your projects similarly as your gain more experience and boost your status in the […]


In April 2015, I got fired from my full-time job. By August, I had built a freelance writing business that was bringing in $5k+/month. I didn’t have a degree, a network, or any experience running a business full-time. But what […]


As a first time entrepreneur or business owner, setting your rates can be tricky. You want to get those customers coming through the door and it is far too easy to fall into the trap of assuming that if your […]


I think blogging should be an integral part of any business. It is so integral, in fact, that it can and probably will be the difference between whether or not your business is successful. For example, marketers who have prioritized […]


First: Let’s get something out of the way. “Landing page” is not just a buzzword everyone’s using. It’s not just some recent fad or trend either. In fact – it’s an advertising tactic as old as advertising itself. All of […]


One of the first pieces of business advice you’ll hear is how it’s a good idea to save at least 6 months to a year of living expenses before trying to win big at full-time freelancing. While this is wise advice from […]


If you run your creative agency like most, then you rely almost entirely on word-of-mouth referrals to grow. When this works, it’s great! But when it doesn’t, you just have to sit back and hope something changes. This is the […]


Want more clients from your website? This checklist should help you get it up to speed – and help you grow. A lot of these things I’ve written about in the past, but I thought it’d be helpful to put them […]


When you think about what web design is, what comes to mind? A WordPress theme, 5 or so pages of content, a few plugins, giving the client what they want and getting paid a few grand for your hard work? For […]