When should I start freelancing as a designer and how do I know if I’m ready? Audio interview with Brent Galloway

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Today, we’re joined by freelance designer Brent Galloway in an audio interview. Brent’s a freelancer, a blogger, and is working on some really great new projects, including a new blog for freelancers (details in the audio interview).

Here’s just a few things we talk about in this interview:

  1. When should I start freelancing as a designer?
  2. What holds some designers back from freelancing?
  3. Should you go to school before becoming a designer/freelancer?
  4. What skills or talents does a person need in order to be a successful freelancer?
  5. And more!

If you’re reading this in an email, or having trouble using the audio player below, you can listen on SoundCloud here.

Brent shares some priceless tips in this interview to take 12 minutes and have a listen. It’s worth every second. Enjoy!

Sidenote: Once you finish, read how 4 freelancers built recurring revenue models that changed their business. You'll love it.

This interview is just a portion of a much longer audio interview with Brent available only in our brand-new community, Stoked. In the full interview, Brent also addresses questions like:

  1. How do I diversify my income as a freelancer?
  2. How can I make more money as a designer?
  3. When is the right time to diversify my income?
  4. How can I find a balance between clients and passive income?
  5. What kinds of passive income are best for freelancers and designers?
  6. And more!

At the time of publishing, there are only 7 slots left in the Beta version of StokedWe’re working hard on improving it and won’t open more seats until April, so if you’re going to join us, now is the time!

Join Stoked by clicking here.

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  1. Perfect timing for this post and very insightful. Freelancing after-hours through 2012-13 taught me a lot about the kind of projects and clients I enjoy and thrive on. I left my studio job at the end of last year and dove head first in to freelancing full-time this year, so thank you for this!

  2. Definitely going to be back to listen to this interview. I really enjoy being able to learn from designers who took the plunge and are actually freelancing full time.

  3. One thing that brings me another income is a writeup (ebook) on what I do with my clients. ANd the clients who don’t hire me, I recommend the ebook. 😉

  4. What age is perfect for freelancing?

  5. I mentioned it in the forums, but really enjoyed this first stoked interview 🙂
    I signed up for Brent’s newsletter

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