14 Creative ways for freelance writers to earn additional income

Anyone who says you can’t make money as a writer doesn’t know about all the ways that freelance writers are needed in the market. There are hundreds of opportunities out there, if you’re willing to think creatively and put the work in.

Here’s some ways to make money writing that you may not have even thought of before.

Writing online

Create blog content: Blogs are not going away, and every company needs someone to write for them. Sell your services as a freelance writer, creating interesting and useful blogs for them. Make sure your writing gives the reader something that they want or need when they click through.

Become a proofreader and editor: Many writers don’t have the time to proofread and edit their own work. Start working with a freelance editing service, such as Upwork or UKWritings and make money proofreading and editing others’ work.

Use web based platforms to write: There’s lots of platforms online where buyers are looking for freelance writers. They need content, and they’ll pay for it. Sign up with a platform such as Hub pages, and start taking on jobs.

Offer skilled writing services: There’s plenty of skilled writing services, people are willing to pay for. If you can write resumes, offer blog development or consult with businesses, then join up with CV Writing.

Become a writing consultant: If you know your stuff when it comes to writing, you can help other writers out. You can offer your consulting services to others.

Unusual writing jobs

Video game writing: You wouldn’t think video games need writing, but in fact modern games need freelance writers as much as they need programmers.

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Write about your travels: On the road a lot? Then you can make money from that. Write about your travels, and tell readers all about the places you’re visiting. You can do it from anywhere with a wifi connection, meaning it’s a truly portable job.

Write songs: If you’re lyrically gifted, then why not write songs for other people? There’s musicians out there who need your lyrics.

Academic writing

Write lesson plans: If you already teach, or just have an eye for writing engaging lessons, then you can sell your lesson plans. There’s a market out there such as Academized, so take advantage of it.

Get into scholarly publishing: If you have experience in a certain branch of academics, then you could go into scholarly writing. Your research and writing could work well as a source of income.

Tutor students: If you were always good at writing assignments, then you can help other students develop the skills they need. Tutoring is always in demand, especially from students who speak English as a second language. You can teach through learning platforms such as Australian Help.

Other money making methods

Data entry: It isn’t glamorous, but if you need to make some cash there’s always a need for data entry.

Test websites: Websites are vital in today’s online based economy, and companies need to make sure theirs work perfectly. You can be paid to test their websites, if you have a bit of tech know how.

Sell your ideas: Got an idea that you can’t see through yourself? Then don’t let it go to waste. Instead, sell your idea for a blog, website, or company. Others will be eager to snap it up.

There’s a myriad of ways to earn by writing. Pick some methods that suit your skills and get writing. You’ll be earning in no time!

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About Brenda Berg

Brenda Berg is a professional with over 15 years of experience in business management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs. She is self-motivated results driven individual who is encouraged to travel and share gained experience in career, business and self-development.


  1. Awesome tips especially the one on video game writing.

    There is also a demand for eBook writers, as well as podcasters who are looking to have their podcast show notes written.

  2. chris wood says

    Hi Brenda, nice article. Any suggestions who (contacts) to contact first re travel blogging?


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