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2 Types of blog content that actually get you more clients

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Your blog isn’t just for SEO. Get more clients through your blog and social media posts by using these 2 simple post types.

(Also – I’m considering a part 2 where I show you how to promote your blog posts and drive traffic.

If you want to see that part 2 – make sure you leave a comment when you’re done reading and let me know!)

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Let’s dive right in:

1) The “Here’s How” Tutorial

My best presentations that get the best audience reaction and result in the most clients generated afterward have one thing in common…

I give it all away.

In copywriting presentations I’ve literally walked through my start-to-finish process that anyone could do themselves.

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And yet — oddly enough — no one ever does.

Instead, they hunt me down afterward and say, “Hey, can you do that for me?”

A lot of people think if they give away their secrets – then they won’t get any clients.

They think those “secrets” are the only thing between them and failure.

But let’s think for a moment how ridiculous that is with a simple question:

If your favorite restaurant showed you exactly how they cook your favorite dish…

Would you still eat there?

Wait, you would!? But why? They gave away their “secrets!”

See – if anything – this has the opposite effect.

When you see the care that goes into making the dish… when you learn about how they source the freshest ingredients in town… when you see the chef cracking jokes and you like her even more…

It makes you want to give them even more business.

So, hands down, one of the most powerful pieces of blog / social content in general are pieces where you show exactly how you perform your best work.

Some examples of “Here’s How” posts:

  • How to set up a client-generating Facebook campaign for your chiropractic business
  • How to design a real estate landing page that generates high-quality leads
  • How to create a beautiful logo that instantly sets you apart

2) The “Here’s How I Did it… for Them” Tutorial

While the “Here’s How” approach is incredibly powerful…

There’s one approach that’s even stronger:

The “Here’s How I Did it for Them” approach.

That’s where you take the “Here’s How” approach… but show how you did it for a specific client… and discuss the results generated.

Basically: It’s a case study on steroids.

Since it’s presented as a “Here’s How” piece of content – people are very engaged as they’re trying to learn… it’s not just a “sales pitch.”

But the fact that it’s all about a real client with real results adds in an element of social proof that shows:

A) You can get results for people

B) Other people like them trust you with their marketing

C) You’re an expert who knows your stuff

While the “Here’s How” approach is great – it’s still hypothetical.

Meanwhile, this approach is grounded in reality. You’re showing that it works in real life – not just in theory.

Some examples of “Here’s How I Did it For Them” posts:

  • How we generated 10 new clients in 10 days for Schultz Chiropractic Clinic
  • How we generated 100+ quality leads in a weekend for Time Tech Realty Group
  • How we created a beautiful logo for C.C.’s Diner that instantly set them apart and attracted a higher-quality clientele

End your “Here’s How” posts with this…

Whenever you do any iteration of the “Here’s How” approach…

End in a call-to-action.

If you do it right and really give away the farm and give really juicy, actionable info…

People will already want to work with you.

So end the post in a call-to-action that makes it really easy for them to get started.

For example:

  • If you’re doing a tutorial about web design… end in a call to action such as: “Want to see how this would work for your business? Click here to schedule a FREE 15 min. consult with me and I’ll show you how”
  • If you’re doing a tutorial about Facebook ads… you can say: “I’m looking to generate more case studies like this. Want me to run your Facebook ads for FREE for 1 week? Click here to schedule a free 15 min. strategy call to see if this is a good fit”

And so on and so forth.

Basically – you take whatever you just taught them how to do, and ask, “Want to see how this could work for your business – for FREE?”

Quick checklist for max success:

  1. Don’t hold back. Everything you hold back kills your chances to generate clients.
  2. Make the content so good that someone really could follow in your footsteps if they wanted to.
  3. Video walkthroughs work great for this in the form of screenshares.
  4. Include screenshots and examples of how it could work in multiple industries. (Unless you’re industry-specific – then stick to that industry.)
  5. Break down the psychology of “why” you do each step. That’s where you really let your expertise shine.
  6. If you’re doing video – smile! Have fun. Let people like you.

The next step is promoting your content…

But that’s another discussion for another day.

Would you want a follow-up post where I show you how to do that?

Leave a comment below and let me know! If enough people want it, I’ll deliver.

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  1. This is a great reminder (or primer) in how to educate your prospects – not just about how valuable your product or services could be to them but it is also a great way to help them make informed decisions.

    You start off as their trusted adviser and end up a trusted partner in their success (and yours) 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom David. I will look out for your post on “promoting your content”. It will be a great follow up.

  2. Deborah Lazear says:

    Yes I would like the second, additional post.

    Thank you

  3. Awesome content. Thanks.

  4. Thank you for sharing this great stuff!
    And yes is like to know more 🙂

  5. David Hi – great post – I would love to the how to promote posts too.
    I write a blog, and I already always tell client stories after every completed project.
    I have not generated new customers from my blog though so don’t think my reach is enough, so learning how to improve this would be great.

    • Hey Linda,

      Awesome – looks like there’s quite a demand for a part 2, so look for that in the coming weeks 🙂

      However, there are more ways to promote your content:

      1. Share your stories with prospects, especially if the job of your client story relates to the job they are getting a quote from you for

      2. Create a short link to a really powerful case study blog post and put it on your business card!

      On the back, you can put: “How I [achieved result] for [client name] with [service type]” and the short link.

  6. Hey, David.

    Great article. I’ll definitely implement this blog strategies to boost my client getting process.

    The “How I did it for them” trick blends in perfectly with my service.

    Please, count me in to the 2nd part.


  7. Jennifer Soucy says:

    I’m definitely interested in the “how to promote” content post – one of my biggest stumbling blocks in whether or not to create content like this is worrying about whether anyone is going to see it.

    • Noted 🙂

      Also, as I mentioned to Linda up above in the comments, there are some ways to make sure people see them:

      1. Share your stories with prospects, especially if the job of your client story relates to the job they are getting a quote from you for.

      Send them a “By the way… thought you would find this helpful” email with the link.

      2. Create a short link to a really powerful case study blog post and put it on your business card!

  8. Good stuff. I do question the notion of offering a free week of service as a CTA (if running an FB campaign is that easy, why should the client ever pay) but a free 15-min strategy call seems like a strong close. Thanks for sharing your secrets. 😀

    • I’d try it before shooting it down 😉

      I know quite a few people who run very successful agencies from this approach alone.

      The strategy call is also a winner. For Facebook ads, I typically use that to close people on a free week trial and explain what it will cost after the trial if they decide to continue.

      The people I mentioned above do the same as well 😉

  9. Hey, thanks for the useful tips! I hope there’s going to be 2nd part!

  10. These are great tips. I’m looking forward to using this strategy. Thanks, David!

  11. This article about content comes at a perfect time for me. Would LOVE to see part 2. Have never been good at promoting my own content. Never too late.

  12. This is exactly what I needed to hear Today! I’m starting from scratch before I re-do my website completely and currently going through the processes I go through for my services. Looking at what I can offer for free (as lead magnets). It’s obvious that I need to blog about certain topics relating to my services, but not really know what to offer them as freebies ( chewable – “give me more” content).

    And I think you’ve nailed it! All whilst gaining their trust – 2 birds 1 stone. I’ve always been focused on just designing and not actually focusing on the business side of things. Your blog is fantastic -with lots of chewable content!!

    Look forward to more….

  13. Part two would be wonderful!!

  14. Awesome tips, thank you! Yes please do a follow up post 🙂

  15. Yes please! Post part 2!

  16. Good read, as always! I’m still in the process of crafting some case studies like you suggest here.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Solid stuff. I heard Kevan Lee from Buffer talk about Howwie (“How we…”) posts at Digital Commerce Summit. Since then have been using these and they’ve worked well.

    Definitely write your part 2 (pretty please)

    On a side note, I freakin love the Reliable PSD website

  18. Great tips David! Thanks for this one and I’m definitely looking forward to next part 🙂


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