20 Design blogs I subscribe to (and you should too)

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People I associate with frequently ask me where I get my ideas and inspiration from.  While the list is endless, I thought this might provide some insight into some of the places I go for design inspiration and instruction.  While twitter is probably still my favorite way to keep up to date with what other designers are doing (follow me @prestondlee), the following are a number of design blogs I have subscribed to and frequently read.


A great blog maintained by graphic designer Jay Hilgert.  Very good site for inspiration and great freebies. Subscribe to Bittbox.

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The name lets the blog speak for itself. If you are a creative nerd and proud of it, this blog is definitely one you should subscribe to.  Subscribe to CreativeNerds.


The personal design blog of freelance designer extraordinaire, David Airey.  Great site for instruction and inspiration from someone who really knows his stuff.  Subscribe to DavidAirey.com.


While this site doesn’t focus specifically on graphic design alone, many times the articles here help me deal with clients and work through particualr difficulties in projects that I might have. This is absolutely one of my favorite sites.  Subscribe to FreelanceSwitch.com.


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A great site to help you get the creative juices flowing whenever you feel like your just a little stuck. Also great for general creative instruction.  Subscribe to fuelyourcreativity.com.


A wonderful resource for web designers and print designers alike. Subscribe to wefunction.com.


Offers excellent advice for using typography in design.  I love this site. Subscribe to ilovetypography.com.


Inspiring site by freelance designer Jacob Cass. This was one of the first sites I started following as a designer. Jacob offers reat insight into a range of different topics regarding graphic design. Subscribe to justcreativedesign.com.


Another great site managed by graphic design guru David Airey.  Great resource for everything logo-related. Subscribe to logodesignlove.com.


Always stiving to keep you up to date on great techniques and tutorials in graphic design. Subscribe to Noupe.com.


An amazing resource for any graphic designer. They just got a new design recently (that looks wonderful by the way). Subscribe to OutlawDesignBlog.com


Smashing Magazine
Where can I start? Smashing Mag provides invaluable resources for hundreds of thousands of designers around the globe.  You should definitely subscribe to smashing.


Chris Spooner is one of my favorite graphic designers on the web today. His personal design blog offers great tuorials, inspiration, and tips for anyone trying to get ahead in the design world. Subscribe to blog.spoongraphics.co.uk.

the design cubicle

As an amazing designer and blogger, Brian Hoff has recently had great success on his blog, the design cubicle. I would recommend Brian’s expert advice on design and blogging to anyone. Brian is also a typography guru and offers great advice on working with type in graphic and web design. Subscribe to thedesigncubicle.com.


This is one of the best sites I have found for tutorials about web design. Subscribe to Webdesignerwall.com.


Another one of the first blogs I ever subscribed to. Contains great tips on how to excel as a designer. Subscribe to youthedesigner.com.


A wonderful blog containing resources for “all things graphic and web design”. Subscribe to myinkblog.com


A great tool for anyone looking to take their graphic design skills to the web. (which should be all of you) Subscribe to problogdesign.com


Great for inspiration and motivation to excel as a designer. Subscribe to spoonfeddesign.com


An absolutely astounding site that focuses exclusively on vector graphics and Adobe Illustrator. Subscribe to Vectips.com

BONUS: what are other designers reading?

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What graphic design blogs do you subscribe to that would be useful for us all? Share below!

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  4. Wow! This is a great list. I think I am going to have to follow some of these. I love lists so thanks for putting this great design list together. ;D

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