4 Reasons you should be using a project management tool as a freelancer

Let’s face it, being a one-person show is a tough job.

You have to organize your work schedule alone, plan projects, talk with clients, and keep all your books up to date, all the while getting yourself motivated to complete the work on time – and on budget.

How do you cope with this?

Let me guess. Most probably through a combination of email and different productivity apps that tackle separate parts of your business, right? To-do lists, time trackers, invoicing platforms, client reporting add-ons, you name it.

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Although technology is great for automating your work and getting things done, juggling between a suite of apps will most often distract your focus and increase admin time.

I didn’t sign up for this!” you say to yourself frustrated while you sip your hot morning coffee and get your tongue burnt.

It doesn’t have to be like this

Imagine that you can plan your work in advance, track your time spent on it, communicate with the client on the project progress in real time, and bill him/her at the end of the project from one single platform, without being distracted.

Sounds great, right?

It’s all possible thanks to project management apps, that aim to cover all the aspects of your workflow from start to finish.

Besides saving time and focusing on the things that really matter, here are some benefits of using such a platform. 

1. Get paid for actual work

A full-featured project management platform lets you track your work time meticulously at a task level, with the possibility to divide it into billable vs. non-billable hours. You kill two birds with one stone this way.

First, you determine your productivity rate and pinpoint with precision the areas where you slack off.

Second, you track the progress of each task individually and adjust it on the spot, in case any project changes occur.

Although it might seem counter-intuitive to track time at the beginning, remember that it pays off in the end when you bill your clients, eliminating “guesstimates” from the equation or awkward conversations with ‘not so cooperative’ clients. This leads us to our second benefit.

2. Track your finances and get paid faster

The bookkeeping process in itself is tedious and nerve racking, as you have to enter every invoice and expense by yourself, remind clients about late payments, document partial payments, etc.

You would rather do something else in this time, but you know that putting off finances until tax time spells suicide.

An end-to-end project management tool should definitely include an invoicing module for automating your invoicing and expenses.

You are lesser prone to errors in this way as every pay slip gets documented on the go. You can also notify your clients about upcoming payments through in-app reminders and keep an accurate record of all of them. As a result, you will get paid within a couple of days faster than normal.

You’ll be surprised to see how it all adds-up at the end of the year. Not to mention about all the paperwork that you will be leaving behind.

3. Increased confidence in managing projects

Every project faces delays, which means that you’ll have to make budget adjustments from time to time.

An advanced project management platform allows you to generate accurate plans and work schedules, so that you are always aware on what to work and when. You should be able to monitor your workload either through a simple to-do list for a quick overview of your day-to-day tasks, or a Kanban board to segment your projects into phases.

The last approach gives you a much clearer picture about the parts of the project that require more attention from your side – so choose wisely!

4. Enhanced customer credibility

Your small business is now digital, everything from your daily schedule to your electronic invoices. Which means you can personalize your work including company logo, portfolio, or any extra detail that will increase the customer’s trust in you and your services.

This adds a professional touch to your business that will ultimately help you compete and stand out among the freelancers in your industry.

Bite the bullet

It’s a fact – freelancing is not a breeze. Using a range of different apps derails you and stops you from focusing on what really matters. Imagine what you could do with the spare time: get with your family together, practice your hobby, read a book, or even work more if needed.

Bite the bullet and consider switching to a single platform to manage all your work from one place.

Make your life easier.

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