6 Elements of money-making blog design

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Chances are at some time in your design career, you’ll be asked to design a blog. Or maybe you’ll want to design a blog for yourself or your design business.

And designing blogs is fun.

But there are also a lot of considerations to take into account when designing a blog – especially if you want it to make money for you.

Below, you’ll find 6 elements of a money-making blog design. Whether you design a blog for yourself or your clients, I hope this list will help. (I’d also love your opinion, so leave a comment.)

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Enticing logo and header

One of the first impressions readers get from your blog is based on the header and logo that you choose. Take time to make sure your logo is impeccable, your tagline is descriptive and that all the elements in your header flow well together and match your audience.

Email opt-in forms

Assuming you’ve made a good first impression, the next most important task is to capture readers so you can encourage them to come back and read (converting into advertising dollars through pageviews) or buy your product.

Have a super-attractive email opt-in form is key here. Take time to make it look professional and easy-to-use. Designing forms can be a little tricky, but with some practice, it will quickly pay off.

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Simple but powerful navigation

A lot of blogs make money from page impressions (from advertisers who pay on a per impression basis) which means keeping readers on your blog as long as possible is key.

One way to make sure readers don’t click off your page is by making your navigation simple but powerful. Make it easy for readers to find the content they are looking for and they will stick around longer.

Well-thought-out landing pages

If you sell things on your blog (or even if your goal is just to capture email addresses of your readers) then you need a nice landing page. Landing pages should be well designed (that’s where you come in) and usually different than the usual blog page.

Landing pages should encourage readers to take action with powerful copy, entriguing design, and easy to use forms.

Killer call-to-action buttons

Making money from your blog (or helping your client make money from their blog) is all about getting readers to act. Whether it means clicking on an affiliate link, clicking an ad, or buying a product, you need users to act.

So you need killer call-to-action buttons. Don’t use simple text links for important calls to action like “buy now” or “sign up today”. Make them buttons. Professionally designed, enticing buttons that will get a user’s attention an encourage them to click.

Professional overall design

Even if you have the best logo and tagline, the hottest call-to-action buttons, and sleek email opt-in forms, if your blog looks sketchy, you’re going to lose customers. Research shows that people are less-likely to purchase something from a site that looks cheap.

Take time to make sure your design is as good as it can be, because your blog’s design reflects credibility in the eye of the reader.

What other money-making elements should blogs have?

Okay, blog designers out there (or aspiring blog designers) what other elements should you include in a money-making blog design? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Go ahead now, don’t be shy.

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  1. Content, and quality visual content. I assume, although we all know what assuming does, that you assume a money making blog already has good visual and word content. My biggest problem is, that as a hardcore wordpress user, many themes and widgets are orphaned with no updates, and the best themes (those that cost) have horrible support / service. Shannon

  2. Quite true – blog design can be fun, especially now that there’re so many tools available that can make the task so much easier. Using web publishing platforms such as WordPress increases the functionalities. Thanks for the great post.

  3. Do you have some examples of well designed blogs?


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