6 Reasons everyone should have a side-hustle—especially if you have a day job (Sidegig Ep. 1.1)

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It’s official! Our all-new podcast, Sidegig is here. And in our very first episode we discuss why everyone should have a side gig, a side-hustle, some sort of income on the side of your day job.

You can listen to the full episode below. And we’ve included some quick-to-read notes below as well. We hope you enjoy episode one of Sidegig.

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6 Reasons everyone should have a side-hustle

There are tons of benefits to building your own side-business, even (and maybe especially) when you have a day job with a decent salary.

For starters, you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket. Plus, it makes the transition from desk-job to entrepreneur much less stressful.

For these reasons and more, all discussed in the episode, we think just about everyone ought to have a side-business they’re working on.

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Here are a few more key reasons:

It gives a foundation for quitting day job

If one day you wish to own a business, starting a side-gig allows you to build that business now at a small scale to prove that the concept of your business will work.

A side-gig allows you to build a foundation of clients, a network of people you can work with, and an income before quitting your day job. By laying the foundations in this way you allow your business to grow much faster once you are ready to commit to the business full time.

A business takes an intense amount of work to get off the ground, and since your day job gives you financial security it makes sense to start the business as a side-gig. You can build your business at your own pace, working on something gradually that you can continually build on in your free time.

Look into the future of what your business could be and identify the people you wish work with, including brands and individuals. Build powerful connections right away with the right people by starting conversations, offering guest blogs or providing your skills (working for free if needed).

Improve your skill-set and knowledge

If your side-gig and day job compliment each other, what you learn in your day job can be applied to your side business, and vice versa.

A side gig also allows you to grow a skill set… knowledge for a new job, a promotion, or a future business venture.

Your side-gig can also provide benefits for your employer too.

You can learn new things outside of your day job to bring in interesting ideas to become better at your day job.

Google, for example, is famous for encouraging personal projects by giving its staff ’20 percent time’ to work on personal projects that have often become valuable Google products.

A side-gig will give you a confidence boost as well, allowing you to see what you’re capable of without the constraints of your day job.

You can experiment with new areas

As a 9-5 job brings in money you have the freedom to use your side-gig as a creative outlet to experiment with new areas and learn skills that could be applied to a future job or business venture.

You’re able to quickly find out if you enjoy something, or more importantly, you might find out you don’t enjoy it. Side-gigging allows you to pivot quickly, without the financial risk.

Build your own dream

Why spend so many hours a week working on someone else’s dream when you can be building your own?

A side-gig gives you control over your future.

When working on a side-gig, any opportunity that you take on is yours, not a business you work for, so you’ll not only get the credit, but you own the work you create too.

You are building assets for yourself that can be used in the future for bigger and better opportunities.

As a side-gig offers a time constraint you can work more focused. As you get more savvy you’ll be able to concentrate on the things you enjoy, and hire others to not only help grow your business, but they can work on the tasks you don’t enjoy.

Make extra income

A side gig allows you to make extra money on top of the income from your day job. It’s also easier to make extra money through a side-gig than it is to ask for a pay rise.

Based on a study by LinkedIn, almost half of the people who freelance on the side also live in some of the most expensive places in the US. This means that in some cases, people need a side gig to simply cover living costs.

The ultimate sense of job security

Side gigging offers you the ultimate sense of security. As a day job can be lost at any moment, working on a side-gig ensures you are able to sleep at night knowing you have an asset of your own that can be scaled should the worst happen.

All-in-all there are countless reasons for starting and growing a side-gig. Which points stood out to you?

Ready to start a side-gig? Listen the full episode here:


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  1. I’ve always believed that having a side hustle is a great way to keep income coming in. Even if you work 3 or 4 hours a day, it’s extra money. Money that can go to paying for things you need or want to do.


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