These are the 7 habits freelancers follow every day to become successful

Freelancing is the future of the modern workforce. It offers benefits for both the contractors and the freelancers, to connect and deliver work quickly and efficiently.

Freelancing, however, has its own challenges.

Sometimes you need to bid for jobs against scores of other professionals. If you’re not doing that, then you may be dealing with a client that is not responsive, or you may even be overwhelmed by too much work, and you don’t know what to do about it.

The most successful freelancers have mastered top habits of successful people, which they apply every day to make their life easier.

You too can take a cue from these ideas to learn how to become a successful freelancer.

Create a personal brand

As a freelancer, you should be able to set yourself apart from your competitors. Branding for freelancers is essential because it exposes you as a true professional, confirms your credibility, and makes it easier for you to define your business goals.

Effective branding will help you learn how to become a successful freelancer, target your core audience and attract the right client to your business. The more time you spend freelancing, the more you will realize how critical it is to be specific about your expertise and create a memorable business.

Focus on what you’re good at

For most beginner freelancers the bottom line is to make money.

But freelancing is a business that should be treated with all due respect, by implementing high-value strategies. Even if you have knowledge in three or four different fields, focus on the area you provide the most value.

Customers want to work with an expert that specializes in a particular skill, so they can get better deliverable that will change the course of their business.

Focus on a particular niche. Be known for something. Focusing on a niche also helps you find higher paying clients, improves your expertise and projects a clearer message of your value.

Constantly update your work

Successful freelancers regularly update their portfolio to accommodate new realities, one of the common habits of successful people. Your portfolio tells a lot about you and your professional career because:

  • It shows that you are aware of recent events in your industry
  • You’re committed to your professions
  • Constantly serving clients
  • You’re growing and looking for better opportunities

Clients want to hire freelancers that are forward thinking and have better plans for themselves. Your updated portfolio might just be what you needed to attract new customers. It also generates an awesome first impression, makes you more accessible, and boost your online visibility.

Establish a high profile culture

Your daily interactions with clients are always noted. If you are a bad freelancer who doesn’t keep to time and doesn’t respect deadlines, succeeding will become a little difficult for you.

Establishing a culture of repute in your freelancing career requires discipline, continuity, and respect for your profession. Talking to clients with respect and following instructions to the letter is one of the healthy habits of successful people.

If you have a better idea, gently offer your suggestions for a better result. Customers want to do what they like but are usually open to new ideas that can improve their business.

Do more than you’re paid for

The most successful freelancers don’t just complete the work they are given on time, they do more than they are paid for. The freelancing industry is highly competitive, and it takes more than just skills and talent to retain a good client, so they don’t ever look elsewhere.

Be prepared to make sacrifices. Some clients will want you to do their jobs in the most unfavorable conditions. Should you do it, should make excuses, it is up to you.

Be creative with the delivery process. Find ways to make your work more personal to the client by delivering better than they expected.

Take charge of your finances

Money management is essential for a successful freelancing life. Why? Because you need to be financially confident to be able to evolve and grow in your career.

Many freelancers who find it hard to leave their current work and get into freelancing full-time are most likely those who don’t yet understand the implications of proper financial planning.

Have a budget for your spending and expenses. If you need to consult an expert or read books on finance for freelancers, please do so by all means. Freelancing offers great benefits and freedom so you should put up the right strategies to help you explore it to the fullest. Freelancers should also:

  • Prepare for taxes
  • Budget for healthcare premiums
  • Review financials regularly
  • Maintain a robust emergency fund
  • Plan for retirement
  • Prepare to handle rejections

In freelancing rejection comes more often than you can ever imagine. Most of the time it’s not about whether you got it wrong or right, but client preference is a real issue.

Many clients lack your professional knowledge, so they find it difficult to articulate their criticism in a constructive way. The ability to accept that criticism and rejection is going to hurt will make it easier for you to cope.

Find productive ways to deal with it

If you are into writing, you can publish the article or blog on your own website. Use your feedback to grow because sometimes, these clients are right. Look for new opportunities.

The fact that one or two people reject your work doesn’t mean that others will do that also.

Your freelancing career can take a very fortunate turn if you take lessons and do it right. No need to re-invent the wheel.

Learn from the habits of successful people who never procrastinate, are polite with their communication, never miss deadlines, take their work seriously and have a solid financial plan.

Happy freelancing!

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About Sally Smith

Sally Smith is a writer with years of background in marketing communication. She enjoys meeting new people and reading more books to be inspired for her own book. At the moment, she writes for Orange Digital, a web design company in Brisbane.


  1. Well said. Thanks for putting this together. In my freelancing journey, I have had to deal with all of these points and are still working to get past some.

    Thanks again,

    • Thanks for reading! Keep it up. Freelancing requires that you commit yourself to a sustained effort of action over the long journey.

  2. Hey thanks Sally,

    There are some really important points that you make here. We are just starting out on our freelancing design journey at Little Design Box, so posts like these are little gems that help to keep us focused on the most important things.


    • I’m glad you find it helpful. It takes a lot of elements to achieve a certain level. So never lose hope and be consistent, be different and honest with every piece you take.



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