9 Must-have tools & technology for working around the world

One of the best things about today’s technology is that it allows people to work from anywhere in the world.

Many location-independent jobs are available and some people, such as digital nomads, center their entire lives around traveling while they work. If someone is interested in setting up a mobile office wherever they land, this is the list of technology and tools needed to accomplish this goal.

1. Mobile workstation

The first step is getting the right type of mobile workstation. For some people, that might be a powerful business laptop with all of the bells and whistles. For others, it consists of a tablet that has a portable keyboard case attached to it. The exact workstation needed depends on the environment that you’ll encounter on a regular basis, your budget, and the resource-intensiveness of the work. Some employers issue laptops for their remote workers, while others request that they bring their own device.

2. Surfshark VPN

One of the downsides of traveling around the world working is that it’s easy to run into region-locked content or end up in a country that has some form of censorship with standard Internet connections. A virtual private network service, such as the one Surfshark offers, makes your web traffic look like it’s coming from your country of origin or another location that you select.

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This technology also offers greater protection when you get online, as it encrypts the traffic as it moves around the network. When you’re working on sensitive client data or other information, you can lower the risk of running into cyber criminals and other issues that would compromise it.

VPN services are typically offered as monthly subscriptions, and are useful enough to make an annual subscription worth it. Learning how a VPN can benefit a business is an important aspect of becoming a tech-savvy remote worker.

3. Laptop or tablet stand

It’s easy to fall into a habit of having a poor posture when working at coffee shops, from Airbnbs, or other unconventional environments. A laptop or tablet stand provides an ergonomic experience that prevents long-term aches and pains from occurring. The Roost laptop stand is one of the most popular, but there are many products in this category that fit the bill. One thing to keep in mind is that a separate keyboard and mouse are required when using this type of accessory.

4. Multi-device keyboard and mouse

Some people prefer to have laptops, tablets and other mobile devices as part of their remote work loadout. Needing different input devices for each can lead to a lot of extra weight in your bags, and just more stuff to keep track of while you travel.

Multi-device keyboards and mice can connect with multiple types of devices and operating systems. Logitech does a particularly good job at offering this functionality in some of their keyboards and mice.

5. Slack

Communication can make or break remote working. Since you can’t walk over to someone else’s desk to ask questions or start a conversation, you need the digital equivalent.

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Slack is a team communications tool that has widespread usage throughout the world. It offers a lot of features that make it easy to collaborate with coworkers and clients, as well as broad compatibility with many third-party tools.

The freemium model appeals to companies of all sizes, and you can pick and choose the level of functionality you’ll end up using. Video and voice calling complements the chat functionality that this system revolves around.

6. Noise canceling headphones

Controlling the noise levels to keep a consistent work experience is a challenging task. If you’re out in public, the sounds around you are entirely dependent on where you choose to work.

If you end up with a loud neighbor at the hotel or another place with distracting noise levels, noise canceling headphones become an absolute necessity. This technology filters out the extraneous noises to create an environment that’s perfect for working in.

7. External hard drive

Cloud storage has a lot going for it, but sometimes the files that you work with are too big to get uploaded in the moment. You may need to wait until you get back to the hotel room or have access to the Internet before performing backups, which isn’t convenient.

With a strategy that relies 100 percent on cloud storage, it’s possible to lose valuable work on the go. An external hard drive quickly gives another copy of these files and documents, so you can keep everything accessible, available and safe.

8. Backup hotspot

Reliable internet access is a must-have technology for people working anywhere in the world. Mobile hotspots are the solution to slow Wi-Fi speed or completely nonexistent internet.

Another advantage to having a hotspot to back up the poor internet connection is that it’s private to that user. You aren’t getting on a public Wi-Fi network and exposing data for malicious actors.

The VPN mentioned earlier also helps in this situation due to its data encryption functionality.

9. Cloud-based project management

The remote work world would be far different without the help of cloud-based technologies.

While they all come in handy at various points in the process, one necessary technology that helps right away is a project management solution.

Distributed teams can connect to the collaborative project dashboard to access vital files and data about the project. Progress tracking and other functionality is front and center. Since everyone connects to the same solution, they all work off of the same set of data. No one runs into problems with older file versions and other points of confusion with this type of configuration.

Traveling digital nomads and remote workers have many options available for their work places. You can check out a new place every day or settle in for the long-haul at a relaxing location. By bringing in these pieces of technology, you have your essential operations covered no matter what type of work arrangements you end up getting into.

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