Build your first wordpress theme with 4 easy-to-follow tutorials

The wordpress theme used here at Graphic Design Blender is the first theme I ever attempted to create from scratch (patience with glitches are therefore appreciated).  I’m no web programmer. Designer, yes, but when it comes to coding, I have a lot to learn. Assuming there are a lot of designers in the same boat, I would like to present to you 4 easy-to-follow tutorials that will help you build your first wordpress theme.  After reading through these tutorials, please include your suggestions for newcomers to wordpress themes in the comment section.

1. Design and Code Your First Website in Easy to Understand Steps


2. Building Custom WordPress Theme


3. Adding Extra Sidebar to your WordPress Theme


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4. How To: Making a Categories Drop-Down Menu


What other articles and tutorials would you suggest when building your first wordpress theme?

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  1. Though it does require you to become a “Plus Member” on their site, Net.TutsPlus from the Envato Network have this most excellent video series, complete with source files to work along with.
    It’s called “The Best PSD to HTML to WordPress Video Series Available” and I refer to it all the time. There’s things in this series that are just invaluable, especially to people new to coding – from HTML and CSS to WordPress’ custom PHP selectors.

    Thanks Preston, for this roundup – it’s excellent 🙂

  2. Good info, but I can never understand why people want their own theme, when there are so many great free themes available. I have pretty much relied on “Flexibility” for getting wp site ups fast.

  3. Thanks so much! I’ve been wondering how one goes about building a wordpress theme; this will be a HUGE help.

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