Building a Business vs. Creating Another Job (FTF 8.3)

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Too many freelancers never actually build a business that works for them. Instead, they just build another job for themselves—trading one annoying boss for a dozen high-maintenance clients. What a drag.

In today’s episode of Freelance to Founder, we sit down with one agency-builder who’s doing it right. His name is Bobby Macey and he’s the founder of Macey Media.

After experimenting with a series of side-jobs through a series of frustrating lay-offs, Bobby finally decided to take matters into his own hands and start a content agency.

He’s doing a lot of things right and his business is growing fast.

But Bobby still finds himself doing a lot of the client work he books—leaving him with late nights on his laptop and a work-life balance that’s a bit uneven.

In today’s show, Clay and I share what we’ve learned about work-life balance and help Bobby answer important questions about when to hire and who to hire in order to best scale his business and rescue some of his personal life.

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