From Video Editor to $2M in Annual Revenue with Chris Ronzio

Today, you’ll hear the story of Chris Ronzio, founder of Trainual. We’re talking to someone who was at the `15-month mark when we interviewed them. And he’s built his business to the $2 Million level in annual revenue. But when you learn about his why, and his how, it feels much more doable and understandable.

Chris got his start owning a video production business that he started back when he was in his MID-TEENS. He later ran a consulting business that required him to stay on top of processes with his clients as he helped them solve their business problems. And here’s where you find his first smart decision: He built that software from the get-go as a service that could eventually be kicked out on its own as a platform he could sell to others as a subscription.

This is the show where we talk to entrepreneurs from all walks of life. They’ve built agencies, consultancies, products, software, software as a service; they’ve launched and grown blogs, online courses, turned podcasts into prolific businesses — all of these things. They’ve typically started as side projects or freelance pursuits that took on a whole new life and scaled far beyond the founders expectations and definitely bigger than themselves.

And in this episode, you’ll hear the lessons that have stuck with him from his parents, you’ll hear how his then-girlfriend’s ultimatum for a better relationship led to him pivoting, and you’ll hear how an Arabian Horse Farm was instrumental in Trainual becoming what it is today. Yes, an Arabian Horse Farm. You’ll get that fun part somewhere around the 35-minute mark.

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Coming up next week, we’ve got the near-celebrity of blogging/writing/copywriting, Sonia Simone, co-founder of Copyblogger — surely you know of that web resource. Stay tuned!

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