From college drop-out to building a massive social selling business — the story of Phil Gerbyshak (FTF 2.6)

Phil Gerbyshak grew up in a town of 896 people in northern Wisconsin. He thought he was going to go on to be a professional baseball player, but a car accident while still in high school quickly changed Phil’s plans.

After spending a summer in a wheelchair, Phil decided to join the Navy as a junior in high school.

Episode 6 of Freelance to Founder introduces you to Phil Gerbyshak, one of the founders of Vengreso. Learn how Phil went from the military to becoming one of the world’s best social sellers.

In 1996, Phil left the Navy and started learning about webpages, and he built his first one. He was hooked. In the earliest days of social media and digital marketing, Phil’s has become a master and building a network. And it started with engaging people through that first webpage.

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Phil started college, but that ultimately didn’t work out. He dropped out and got a job selling DSL.

Once Phil realized there wasn’t a future in DSL, he decided to become a stock broker. This change opened his eyes to what his future could be.

He moved to the online trade department and fostered a love for learning. Phil quickly earned the nickname, “the human search engine.”

As part of his love for learning, Phil read marketing guru Seth Godin’s material and was determined to do the same. He started writing a blog and shared his thoughts online.

Phil started to take his writing seriously and gave his official 2 year notice to his day job in 2008. In 2010, Phil set out to be his own boss.

It wasn’t all roses for Phil. He built his brand at night while still working a full-time job. That took a toll on his personal life.

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To find out how Phil handled personal trials, and hard lessons along the way to becoming an entrepreneur, you can listen to episode 2.6 of Freelance to Founder.

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