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12 Creative Writing Jobs Sites to Make More Money from Your Passion

how to land creative writing jobs
Table of ContentsUpdated Feb 17, 2020

Landing creative writing jobs is a dream of many people around the world: high pay, flexible hours, interesting assignments… What’s not to like?

The hardest thing about taking the leap and starting a creative writing career is that it’s very unclear where to start.

Where do you even find jobs and projects? What skills should you possess? What kind of salary can you expect?

We will answer all of these questions and more in our comprehensive guide to creative writing jobs. Read about some of the best sites where you can land a job, tips for successful applications and possible fields you can work in.

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12 Best sites to find creative writing jobs

creative writing jobs - pro blogger

1. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is a writing platform that has its own blog section with tips and tricks for writing. At the same time, it features one of the most versatile creative writing job boards out there.

To start applying for creative writing jobs on ProBlogger, simply sign up and provide some of the details about your experience and expertise. As soon as you confirm your application, you will have an opportunity to start taking up jobs.

creative writing jobs - freelancer

2. Freelancer is a versatile platform where writers of all niches can find extra work.

You can filter project and contest announcements according to your interests and track creative writing jobs by receiving notifications when a new project comes up.

If you consistently provide top-quality service and get great reviews, you can also join their Preferred Freelancer program and get access to exclusive creative writing jobs.

Creative writing jobs - solidgigs

3. SolidGigs

Sign up for this direct-to-your-mailbox job listing service to save your hard-earned hours for what matters most. They help find the best online gigs for you, and all you have to do is apply.

Not just a creative writing jobs site, SolidGigs provides a library chock-full of resources to improve your business. Pretty sweet!

creative writing jobs - upwork

4. Upwork

Similarly to Freelancer, Upwork is a freelancing platform that gathers clients looking for a service and writers, designers, programmers and other experts.

The job application process is structured in the form of bidding: when a job posting becomes available, you can bid with your rate, cover letter, milestone requests and other questions for the client.

You can also create a specialized profile that will attract clients who are looking for creative writing experts.

creative writing jobs - iwriter

5. iWriter

iWriter is another writing platform which functions a bit differently than those we have previously mentioned. Instead of bidding on projects and waiting for your application to get accepted, you simply pick up a topic that a client requested.

Topics can widely range and you can accept only those you are interested in. After you accept a project, you will have a certain amount of time to submit it on iWriter’s platform.

The payment for your articles depends on your experience and ratings. If you consistently receive great ratings and you do a lot of work on the site, you will be eligible for high-value writing projects which are available only to premium writers.

creative writing jobs - freelance writers den

6. Freelance Writers Den

This one is very popular among US-based writers. Freelance Writers Den is an online writers’ community where users can simultaneously learn how to increase their income and visit the job board for new gigs.

The job postings are collected and published by the FWD editing team, along with applications made over the site. The site guarantees a junk-free job board with loads of attractive and interesting creative writing jobs.

However, the job board is visible to members only, so you will need to sign up first if you want to start taking up Freelance Writers Den projects.

creative writing jobs - flexjobs

7. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is focusing on providing an all-encompassing job platform for all remote-friendly jobs: from writers to IT professionals and customer support experts.

Unlike some of the other platforms that we’ve mentioned, FlexJobs gigs are not exclusively freelance, but they present employment (both part-time and full-time) as well. The only condition is that a job can be done fully remotely.

After you sign up and access the job board, simply use the filter to highlight only those creative writing jobs that you’re interested in.

creative writing jobs - writers work

8. WritersWork

Just like its name says, WritersWork caters specifically to writers, so it’s not like some other huge platforms with loads of professionals from all industries (which can be a good thing and a bad thing).

The site is not only a job board, but a very extensive collection of information and tips any writer can wish for. It’s a great resource for building your brand and business and making a living solely from writing.

After taking a look at some of their blog posts and info packages, hop on over to their carefully-selected job board to find epic creative writing jobs!

creative writing jobs - constant content

9. Constant Content

Constant Content works as a writing marketplace where clients can ask for services they need and find writers who will fulfill them. Similarly to iWriter, you will be able to apply to jobs as a writer after you go through their application process.

After you get accepted, you will get access to all sorts of creative writing jobs. Of course, you have the opportunity to take up only those gigs that you find interesting or worth your while. This allows a great degree of flexibility and freedom, which are known to be jet fuel for creativity.

creative writing jobs - medium

10. Medium

Medium is a bit different than the majority of writing platforms. It’s a publishing tool that you can use to post your articles, stories and essays publicly, but you can also earn from your creative writing.

The monetization of your writing is done through their Medium Partner Program. Once you sign up, your stories will become eligible to earn money.

For example, if a Medium subscriber “clapped” only to your article, you would get USD 5 from that clap. If a subscriber clapped to 500 others, you would receive USD 0.01 from that subscriber.

creative writing jobs - all freelance writing

11. All Freelance Writing

Founded in 2006, AFW is an online writers’ community where you can find loads of resources to get you started on your path as a creative writer.

There is a job board where you can view current open projects and you can also post your profile and let clients come to you.

Next to that, you will also find a rich collection of articles and eBooks focusing on the writing process, which you can use to perfect your craft and learn how to turn your hobby into a lucrative business.

creative writing jobs - salesfolk

12. SalesFolk

If you’re interested in crafting awesome email campaigns, promotional material and other marketing building blocks, SalesFolk is the right address for you.

It’s specialized for creative writers who want to work in marketing and help clients increase sales through the power of words.

Creative writing jobs vs. other writing jobs

There are thousands of categories and niches in which modern writers can work in. Next to creative writing jobs, there are also technical writing, scientific writing, grant and proposal writing and much more.

So, how is creative writing different than other writing jobs?

Throughout history, literature has been the synonym of creative writing. But now, the definition has significantly expanded.

In our digital world, the realm of creative writing is not as narrow as literature and fiction anymore. We now consider the field and industry of creative writing as large as ever, covering a wide array of categories and employing hundreds of thousands of experts around the world.

What separates the creative writing process from other writing jobs is that technical writing is based on facts and source reviews.

Take journalism, for example. Even though a journalistic article is a result of someone’s process of creativity and imagination, it’s still grounded in actual, checkable facts. Another piece, such as a column, that incorporates subjective thinking and opinions could be considered creative writing.

The basics of creative writing jobs

Skills and education

For many aspiring creative writers out there, the question of whether they are good enough is among the burning ones when first starting their career.

Of course, many people have a knack for writing and the ability to tell stories in a compelling way, but is it enough?

Well, it’s a great basis to start with, but in order to skyrocket your career, you will need much more than a talent for writing. The creative writing market is more competitive than ever and it’s important to develop skills that will set you apart from other writers.

Education can be a great asset, but you don’t need to have a degree to become a creative writer. Some clients prefer to see a university-level education, while others simply don’t care.

A great base for developing your career would be an education in, of course, Creative Writing, Literature, Linguistics, Communications, Media Studies and other Humanities.


Just like any other job, the salary can wildly differ from one writer to another. The rate for your writing pieces will depend on, of course, the client, your experience, your skills and many other factors.

You will usually see the price offered alongside the project description, so you’ll know what to expect. When there is no price listed, you should use your own standards that you usually charge other clients.

Of course, when you first start, the pay will be much lower than after you have already been working for 2 years. However, just like you start any job at a junior position, you have to approach creative writing with the same mindset.

Types of creative writing jobs


Copywriters are very sought-after in today’s economy. From eCommerce websites to business advertisements, every company needs someone who will present their work in a captivating way and attract new leads and customers.

Copywriters usually write ad copy, slogans, and promotional texts. If you are interested in marketing and psychology and their connection to words, copywriting is the right job for you!

Story writer

A story writer is a job that closely resembles the traditional notion of copywriting. Here is where you can let all your ideas and creativity loose, develop characters, storylines and narratives.

Clients look for stories for many different purposes, and not just independent publishing. Sometimes, companies require stories as part of their brand messaging.

In this case, your task will be to develop a storyline on the history of the company and its mission and vision.


Another very creative profession, screenwriting has blossomed due to the increased demand for video content. Of course, you will not start by screenwriting for Hollywood blockbusters, but who knows, you might just end up there!

“In general, companies use screenwriters to produce text for their promotional videos, campaigns, animations and other forms of multimedia content. It’s a very lucrative writing field with thousands of projects being posted every day,” says Kathy Thompson, a creative writer at SupremeDissertations.

eBook writer

Creative writing has fully exploded with the advent of Kindle and eBooks. Now, everyone has the chance to sell their own book, be it fiction, non-fiction, self-improvement, biography…

An eBook has slightly different requirements and formats that a physical print book. That’s why you will first have to look into some basics of formatting for eBooks.

You can either self-publish or work for a client that will buy the rights to your eBook. In any case, first, you need to do a cost-benefit analysis and see what’s more efficient for you.

Speech writer

When we hear the term “speech”, we usually think of State of the Union or Urbi Et Orbi, but the fact is that speeches are happening every day, across all sectors and industries.

Be it a conference, seminar or a company gathering, it’s expected that top executives hold a speech to serve the purpose of motivating their employees or presenting the company to investors.

At the same time, many execs are not very skilled in speech writing, so they resort to hiring a speech writing expert who will help them get their point across. This is where creative writers come in!

Corporate branding

Every company needs corporate branding in order to start operating, and creative writers are part of the effort to craft a message that will resonate with potential customers.

Corporate branding relates to everything from the company name to the mission and vision statement.

Content writer

Content writing is a field that covers many categories, but some sub-categories imply creative writing.

Sometimes, clients and companies need a blog post that will promote their brand in a unique, compelling way.

Travel writer

With the travel industry growing faster than ever, it’s no wonder that all sectors related to it are growing as well: from travel websites and forums to gadgets and travel accessories sales.

Many companies are now looking for travel writers who will present destinations and attract new tourists. You can work with a travel agency or directly with the city or country that’s trying to promote itself.


Even though ghostwriting jobs can be highly creative and lucrative, they’re not the favorite choice of creative writers who want to get famous. Why? Because every ghostwriter completely hands over the rights to their text and agrees never to be mentioned as the creator.

If this is something you’re okay with, ghostwriting is a great way to earn a lot of money with creative writing, especially if you’re ghostwriting for best-selling authors.

Children’s writer

Children’s books and videos are an evergreen industry that’s been constantly growing for decades.

If you have a good understanding of a child’s worldview and you’re able to “get down to their level”, writing books for children would be perfect for you! It’s also a way to escape reality and teleport back to those happy days of childhood and innocence.

How to land creative writing jobs

On job boards and professional writing sites, there is a limited space for information where you can explain why you’re best for a job. Follow some of these tips to increase your chances of landing your next creative writing gig:

Write an awesome personal introduction

Your personal profile introduction is a crucial component of your presentation. Think of it as your personal brand message: convey to the reader (potential client) what you do, how you do it and why you do it well.

Prepare a portfolio

Most clients will ask to see what kind of work you’ve done before. This is not only to check your experience, but to see whether your style and tone of voice match their brand.

On most writing platforms, you can upload a portfolio of the work you are most proud of. If not, you can develop a simple portfolio website where you will feature your best work.

When bidding for a project or submitting an application, you can simply direct the client to that website.

Try writing short samples

Put yourself in the client’s shoes: how can you tell that a writer will be up to the task and be able to provide a satisfactory end result?

With nothing to rely on except a shiny portfolio and a personal introduction, clients have to gamble and trust that a writer’s experience will guarantee successful work.

So, if you want to prove to the client that you’re able to provide exactly what they need, consider writing a short sample of 100-200 words based on their project requirements. This way, they will see whether you will be able to carry it out to the end.

Building a creative writing career

If you have a talent for writing, a creative writing career can be a path for connecting a passion with work. In order to succeed, you will have to put in a lot of time and effort into perfecting your craft and consistently provide high-quality outputs.

You will also have to work hard on attracting new clients, especially if you work as a freelancer. A good place to start is by signing up at one of the websites that we listed above and see what the offers are.

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