5 Reasons your design blog will fail within six months

Blogging is tough. And blogging about design can be an especially difficult ball game. In fact, a lot of designers get frustrated because their blogs don’t take off like they had hoped and many give up within 6 months.

Sound familiar?

Today, I’d like to offer a few reasons why your design blog will fail within 6 months. Below you’ll find common problems and solutions designers face as they try to blog about design. I’d love to hear what you think, so don’t hold back, leave a comment on this post.

5 Reasons your design blog will fail within six months

1. You think 6 months is a long time to be blogging
Many designers feel like a failure when they hit the 6-month mark because they feel like 6 months is a long time to be blogging.

And indeed, when you’re blogging all the time with little response or little success, 6 months feels like an eternity.

But it’s not.

In fact, 6 months is not very long at all to be blogging. I have found (at least with the handful of blogs I have started) that you really start to see significant growth after a year of hard work. Sure you can get some great traffic or a lot of comments, but it takes a year to build a solid community that you can rely on.

Of course, this gets a little easier if you’ve done it before. You learn the tricks of the trade.

2. You define success the wrong way
Another common problem is that you might be defining success the wrong way. Or you may not be clearly defining success at all.

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There are a million different ways bloggers can measure success:

  • Comment counts
  • RSS Subscribers
  • Traffic
  • Tweets, Likes, Stumbles, etc.
  • Number of emails from readers
  • Banner ads sold
  • Financial increase
  • and many many more…

Perhaps your blog is successful and you just don’t know it. You might be looking in all the wrong places for success. Or you might not be looking hard enough. Figure out what makes a blog successful for you, set some goals, and work toward success.

3. You only monetize with banner ads
Many bloggers define success by how much money they can make from their blogs. But a lot of new bloggers (mostly newbies) don’t try any means of monetization but banner ads.

Here’s a little secret:

It’s really hard to get rich off of banner ads on your blog. Unless your getting millions of pageviews each month, not many advertisers are willing to pay big-bucks for an ad on your site.

You’d have more luck monetizing your site with affiliate sales, product sales (ebooks, ecourses, etc) and other, more-creative income streams.

4. You blog sporatically
Another reason you might be failing as a designer/blogger is because you don’t blog regularly enough. There are millions of blogs out there – and hundreds of thousands of design blogs.

If people aren’t reading your blog, they have plenty of other material to read.

So you have to help your readers depend on you. Establish a writing schedule and stick to it. Don’t let your readers down. Currently (and this may change in the future) we publish posts almost every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then one comic on Saturday. Our readers expect that and when we miss a day, we hear about it on facebook or via email.

People like consistency, so be consistent.

5. You have failed to find a niche (and a super-niche)
This is one of the most common reasons designers fail at blogging: they fail to find a super-niche.

They think blogging about design is enough. That blogging about logo design or web design or print design is enough. It’s not!

You have to find a super-niche that you can really hone in on and make a successful blog from. What’s Chris Spooner’s super-niche? Tutorials. What’s David Airey’s super-niche? Logos. What’s your super-niche?

What other troubles do designer/bloggers face?

What else makes it hard to be successful as a designer/blogger? I’d love to hear your input on these points and anything else you’d like to chat about. So don’t be shy, leave a comment on this post!

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  1. This is a very helpful article. I don’t have a design blog, but the tips here are applicable to blogging in general, and I’ve learned a lot. Thanks for the information!

  2. Another reason the blog may fail, if people repost someone else’s content, that is just annoying to see on someone’s blog.

  3. An amazing article. It’s nice to read a quality blog post. I think you made some good points in this post.

  4. Great article, some valid points raised & i get a lot information & awareness from it. Thanks mate.

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  6. What you mentioned are all correct. MY question/problem is, do we have to select our niche before starting the blog or the opposite should wait and see who likes us more and then follow that niche?

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  9. that’s true and I think that is the great mistake made, thinking that the blog will succeed in a short time, must be a long term project, but with a view to long before it can work based on hard work and dedication

  10. When I first read the title of this Blog I thought it was going to be quite a negative subject of doom, gloom and Blog failure. After reading it however it is very clear that it’s one of the most useful Blogs I have read! Well done!

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  12. I don’t run a design blog myself, but I have certainly ran other websites in the past and this article makes some excellent points. I would personally emphasise regular posts and quality content.

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  14. I agree that most people don’t keep up with their blogs; they see them as too much work without immediate results. Gotta keep up with it.


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