Getting a response: 6 tips on working with tremendously busy clients

Every freelancer has probably met a client who is extremely busy.

This so-called busy client is an individual who has contacted you seeking for your services.

Not only does he know what he wants, he is also conscious about the benefits that your services will bring to his business.

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Describing this client, you may think that he is ready to buy your services, but if he is tremendously busy, even contacting you back can be impossible sometimes.

You did it right. You drew a great impression. The most fundamental thing you missed, you just didn’t close the deal yet.

So how do you deal with these types of clients the right way?

Dealing with these types of clients can be stressful. And, if you lack patience you may leave a ton of money on the table because you are trying to sell to someone who already knows what he wants. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of 6 simple and actionable tips for you to chase that busy client.

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Follow up

While this may seem the most obvious tip, many freelancers just don’t get it right.

They send dozens of follow-up emails and never get any response.

Following up is an effective tip only if it is done correctly.

There are many factors that will determine the effectiveness of a follow up e-mail, however, asserting the perfect time to send it is the most efficient. This strategy has a lot to do with prediction. However, you can increase the success rate if you know the time zone which your prospective client is operating.

This will allow you to schedule e-mails to be sent at early morning or late nights when the likelihood of it to appear in the top of his inbox is relatively high. If you are using Gmail, you can install an extension for e-mail scheduling called Boomerang.

Reach out through social media networks

If following up doesn’t yield any results, reaching through social media networks can be a viable alternative. If you are following your potential client on twitter, for instance, you can predict how often he tweets and analyze is presence on that social media site. That’s the perfect time you need to figure out in order to send a direct message.

Not only will this strategy lead to a faster response, it will also impress the prospective client with your consistent social media presence as well as stimulate a perception that you are really interested on helping the client more than just winning some bucks.

Announce a discount

While this may be beneficial to your end, it is a little bit risky if it generates misconceptions of the value of your work which is something you have to prevent at all costs especially with a client who is about to make the first deal with you. The not so-common wisdom suggests that people react fast when they think they have encountered a big deal of discount.

This reaction can be verified in a variety of ways, since most probably you are announcing it through an e-mail a fast response of your offer is more likely to be observed. This works great but you have to be careful on how you announce it otherwise you will jeopardize that initial impression you have generated to that specific potential client.

Get a wing man/woman

Getting somebody to help you unlock a client’s response can be great tip to follow. Generally, it is important to have great relationships with some influential freelancers in your area. You can seize upon these relationships and ask them some favors like sending a follow up on your behalf.

While it may appear to be a sleazy tip at a first glance, it’s a different way of connecting with your future client without seeming that you are very desperate about landing that gig. This will generate an impression that you have a great personality and influence in the freelance world and that’s what many clients are really looking for and seem not to find.

Be persistent and patient

Persistence is a powerful tool that can help you get responded, but sometimes it can generate a brick light of desperation on your end. This is why you have to find the right balance between being persistent and patient.

It is necessary to have some little patience on top of it because your potential client may be extremely busy with whatever projects he is working on. Most probably, he will only get back to you once available. You just have to feel nothing about it and wait for the reply to land on your inbox.

…or move on

If you have tried everything and it seems not to get you anywhere, the last thing and the best you can do is move on. Instead of losing your precious time and feed yourself with hopes that you will get your deal with that client, you can focus your efforts on what matters the most for your freelance business. The client may simply have hired another person or he is not interested on buying your services.

Over to you

Are there other ways you have implemented on dealing with tremendously busy people? Whether you submitted a guest post, a business proposal, or even a quote to a client, we would like to know from you, the best way you have dealt with these sorts of issues. Comments here.

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  1. Great article. I appreciate the time you spend behind this amazing article. Totally worth visiting here. However you mention here some great tips, but it is very difficult to work with extremely busy clients and most annoying fact is when a client doesn’t replay emails. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I get really angry when a client doesn’t replay my emails. No matter how busy you are, just be organized! You stole someones time with all those meetings, shiny proposals and now don’t even replay back to an email.Just email and say you will read it and will get back in 122223 days. Not replaying, I mean that’s just rude! In my opinion, just fire those kind…


  3. No doubts, it is a very hard job to work with extremely busy clients. It all needs a correct approach and best timing. I am currently working with two big clients, and they are all busy all the time. I prefer to follow up on social media networks. I goes closer to them to know about their actual schedule and then started my work.

  4. Perfectly timed post! Would you handle this the same way if you were given a referral? I’ve received a few introductions lately in which the person in common believes that the referral may have overflow work available–so the prospect never contacted me. I’ve emailed a few times with no response and I hesitate to do more since the request was unsolicited. If you have any suggestions on how to avoid coming across as a stalker I’d appreciate it!

  5. Good point. A client of mine signed the contract a couple of months ago, I did the project, and he still didn’t give me the final approval. Every week his assistant tell me that “he will do it next week”. And the work is standing by…..

  6. Some awesome tips! Thanks for sharing. Following up seems so straight forward but sooooo hard at the same time. Great, great article.

  7. Best thing I ever did for such a client was making a comercial plan Including costs, a little sketch as a guideline for the designs and of course a time-schedule. On the next day I got a “GO!” on all the items.
    This kind of clients are asking for thinking in advance (saves them time).

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