How to Earn a Six-Figure Income as an Online Tutor in 2023

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Online tutoring is an amazing way to earn money from your expertise, knowledge and skills — and everyone’s an expert in something, right?

What was unthinkable a couple of decades ago—tutoring someone without ever meeting face-to-face—is now a multimillion-dollar business. With live online tutoring, what you get is a direct interaction between the tutor and the student in an online environment regardless of being in remote locations.

There are a number of online tutoring opportunities, from teaching English to helping students with their homework, all from the comfort of your home.

The possibilities are endless. You can make a living out of becoming an expert on a broad range of topics and areas — from traditional academic subjects, like science and humanities, to more specialized areas, such as social media marketing or resume writing.

A Flexible Way to Make Money Online

With a work-home setup, you also have the flexibility to spend 15 minutes teaching a lesson, a couple of minutes answering queries online, or just working one-on-one with your student in a live video session.

You can easily pick your most preferred timings and the days you want to work, so you can have more time for your family and kids. Some can even juggle online tutoring sessions with their full time job.

Here are some of the many reasons online tutoring jobs are so attractive:

  • You can work from home, all day, all week.
  • You don’t have to stick to a set schedule every week.
  • You have the option to be mobile, travel more or even full-time.

The trick is to obviously learn the ways to earn money from home as an online tutor, which can be very rewarding because not only are you helping people learn new things, it’s simply the best feeling in the world.

What Does Online Tutoring Entail?

As an online tutor, you help students learn by answering their questions or simply follow a set learning path to help them enable a particular skill set.

As a general rule, most online tutoring platforms allow the ability to answer queries using a built in chat feature, which lets tutors and students communicate easily and quickly. This allows tutors to have flexibility regarding the amount of work they want to take on and choose their own hours.

No special training or qualifications are required. However, as part of the application process, tutors are asked to complete short questions on the subjects of their choosing to assess their knowledge and recognize their specialties and skills. New tutors who show promise in their application receive subject badges that indicate their expertise in the subject, which helps them get selected to answer questions, thus earning money quickly after signing up.

How Can You Start Your Online Tutoring Career?

With an ever-increasing number of students, you have more and more opportunities to find work with as much or less commitment as you want. If a flexible schedule, the ability to work from anywhere (so long as you have internet access), and make up to 6 figures per year by helping others with the knowledge and skills you already have sounds good to you, Studypool is a great place to start.

Your knowledge has value. Knowledge and the ability to help others do not always come from job experience. That’s why regardless of whether you are an accomplished freelancer or have no previous online tutoring experience, you can earn a decent income sharing your expertise and skills.

Your knowledge has value. Knowledge and the ability to help others do not always come from job experience. That’s why regardless of whether you are an accomplished freelancer or have no previous online tutoring experience, you can earn a decent income sharing your expertise and skills.

How Can Studypool Help Freelancers Make Money?

Studypool is an online education platform that helps students all over the world with their studies. Featured by Forbes, Nasdaq, and Dave Ramsey as one of the best online tutoring services, Studypool is a great way to make up to 6 figures working from home. With well over 10 million students and 50k tutors, Studypool is a great place to supplement an existing job or even utilize it as a full-time occupation.

With top ratings — 4.1 out of 5 on Glassdoor and 4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, users have continuously praised the site for their support from the Studypool staff, consistent tutoring opportunities, good compensation model, and the amazing support by the Studypool team.

Who Can Apply?

Studypool welcomes tutors from all around the world, making it a great option to work remotely. The seasonal surges mirror the school calendar, and with questions being posted 365 days a year at all times throughout the day, the opportunities are endless. All tutors work as Independent Contractors allowing complete control over their workload and making them in charge of their own earning potential.

How Much Can You Earn as an Online Tutor?

The pay rate depends on the student and the tutor. The student will post a recommended budget, and the tutor submits a bid with whatever budget they are willing to answer the question for. Your earnings will depend on how active you are on the platform and the number of questions you answer. Nonetheless, the most successful tutors on the platform can earn up to 6 figures per year, or around USD $7,500/month.

How do Tutors Find Students to Work With?

Studypool promotes the tutor’s profile and recommends top performing tutors to students, allowing them to focus on the quality of their work instead of self-promotion. Tutors are regularly reviewed, with good performances being rewarded with more subject badges and other perks. Tutors are encouraged to build solid relationships with their students since most students who have a good experience working with a tutor return asking more questions. This is beneficial for the tutor since repeat customers secure strong earnings.

How do you get started?

Click here to apply to become a Studypool tutor. We look forward to hearing your success stories soon!

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