How your thoughts affect your freelance income

It’s time for you to get over the idea that creative professionals have to be poor.

I know, I know: the world tells you that in order to be successful doing something you love, you have to take a huge hit on your income.

Sure, some very famous artists in history had to die before their work was worth anything. I don’t know about you, but I’d like my work to be worth something while I’m still alive and young enough to reap the benefits of my talent, education and hard work!

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If you agree, then you’ll want to keep reading, because today I want to talk about how your thoughts affect your freelance income–and what you can do to think more positively about money.

You are what you think

I once had a mentor that gave me the following advice (paraphrasing):

“Write down your top 10 goals. Then pin that piece of paper up next to your bed. Every night when you go to sleep, read those goals to yourself. And every morning when you wake up, read them again. Soon you’ll find yourself dreaming about your goals at night, and motivated to achieve them during the day.”

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That advice has changed my life.

And it’s golden advice for freelancers.

I am a firm believer that you are what you think.

If you think you’re only talented enough to land low-level, high-maintenance freelance clients, then guess who you’ll attract…

If you think your work is only good enough to make a small amount of money on each project, then guess what your income will look like…

And if you think that you can’t love your freelancing career and make good money at the same time then, guess what, you’re probably right.

Thinking positive

But there are hundreds and thousands of freelancers out there who make a great living, reach their goals, work on projects they love, and find true happiness in their work!

And just to prove it to you, I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel for Graphic Design Blender where I interview designers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers just like you and me who are reaching their goals finding success and achieving happiness in their work and life.

The channel is completely empty right now, but within a few months, it will be packed interviews with freelancers who have gotten over the negative mentality that artists have to starve.

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The freelancers I plan to interview have set lofty goals, reached them, and now I’m going to ask them to share their secrets with you and me!

Leave a comment on this post and tell me who I should interview and what sorts of questions you want me to ask!

The first big secret

But the first big secret, the “secret” that can change your life and your success starting today, is to believe you can do it.

Stop second-guessing yourself.

Stop settling for clients who aren’t worth your time and don’t appreciate your talent.

Think positive and soon you’ll find yourself achieving your dreams and reaching your goals!

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  1. This is exactly what I needed to hear today! Thanks for giving me some encouragement this morning. I’m really looking forward to the videos!

  2. Subscribed!

    I am definitely taking that advice, i’ve been thinking of something similar, just print images of where i want to be and paste them on the ceiling above my bed.

    Also chris spooner is my idol. and interviewing Michael Locke would be good too, he’s got oodles of experience

    or me :)?

  3. I was told to watch the film “the secret” Still have a hard time believing it. I believe nothing is achievable without hard work.

  4. Hi! Great post. I would like to see case studies. People in progress, using your information and how they start from barely nothing and get to where they want to be. I think those stories would be/could be quite inspirational.

  5. Yes! It is possible to make money doing what you love. Totally agree. I am an artist and designer and my card currently sports this tagline: “Art websites for scientists and other heroes.” I do work for clients I love and whose goals I can personally support, something very important to me. 🙂

  6. This is so so true and I’m totally guilty of it! I definitely need to take this advice from time to time and push for those bigger clients.

  7. Preston,
    Great post, and great thinking! A freelancer I know personally and greatly respect for her talent AND ability to grow her web design business is Amy Olrick at She has carved a niche in her market and built a network of resources that have grown her freelance business significantly. Along with that, she’s an exciting and energetic person. She’s also great on camera.
    At any rate, I look forward to seeing what the new channel brings up.

  8. Nice motivational post, Preston! I’m really looking forward to the Millo YouTube channel!

    I wrote an article that is somewhat similar to this subject: The True Secret to Finding New Clients Isn’t Really a Secret –

    I sort of touch on the same subject you mentioned, “you are what you think.” It’s all in your head. In my article I talk about how you shouldn’t put anything off, you need to make the mental decision to start. Don’t just take notes – take action!

    Again – I love the article, and really look forward to seeing some video content by Millo! 🙂

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