If this was my last blog post ever…

This last week was an interesting one for me as the owner/founder of this blog.


Because someone with a pretty fat wallet contacted me and we discussed the option of selling this site.

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After a lot of discussion, we decided not to go through with the deal (for a lot of reasons) and I’m happy to say I’ll be here at Millo for the foreseeable future!

But it got me thinking about what I would say if I had to write my last Millo blog post ever.

What would I say

Of all the millions of things we’ve talked about here on the blog, on the facebook page, or on #Millotalk on twitter, if I only had one last chance to make an impression and do some good in the world, what would I say?

Would I tell you that 99% of your business problems as a freelancer can be solved by starting each project with a well-written contract?

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Would I tell you that the long-searched-for secret to finding new clients is to treat your current clients like gold?


And would I encourage you to think big and stop underestimating yourself?

Of course.

I would say these and many millions of things if I had to leave the blog tomorrow.

But if I could only say one thing…

And of all the important things I would try to leave behind, there’s one thing that’s more important than writing contracts or finding clients.

It’s even more important than thinking big.

If I could only encourage you to do one thing it would be to chase your passions, believe in yourself, and live your dreams…starting today!

So, here goes

The awesomeness of this whole thing is that I don’t have to say goodbye.

I don’t have to leave this blog forever and worry every day if the new owner is taking care of all of you.

And I don’t have regret not having said what I needed/wanted to before I was done.

I’m here to stay.

And today, I’m going to say it anyway: you can do anything you want to do in life!

If your dream is to finally start freelancing, it’s time to pursue your dream!

If your dream is to freelance on the side for fun and a few extra bucks each month, it’s time to do it!

If your dream is to start a world-renown design agency, start today! You can do it!

If your dream is to start a blog where designers can talk about business and find successful ways to grow their career, then do it! I haven’t regretted it for one single day.

You won’t either.

I’ve never heard of anyone looking back on life or on a job they had and saying, “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard to achieve my dreams. I wish I had been more mediocre.”

You never know

You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

You never know how long you’ll be around.

You never know when opportunity will get tired of knocking and receiving no answer.

So do it today.

Do it now.

Whatever it is, just get going on it.

It will be scary. It will be intimidating. But you can do it. I know you can!

That’s what I would say.

And that’s what I would tell you if this was my last blog post ever.

I want to hear what awesome things you’re going to pursue or what dreams you’re already pursuing! Leave a comment and let’s talk.

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  1. I would like to first work for a good Graphics design studio and next to this setting my own business (graphics, illustrations, graffiti).

  2. Great post. It is always good to read inspiring things when negativity creeps up everywhere you look. Of course, going after and reaching our dreams is never instantaneous or easy, but everyone should give it a try (one way or another). I’ve recently went freelance myself and I have yet to see where it takes me. I am enjoying it so far, even though I haven’t got much security.

  3. Hey mate,

    Really weird that I ran into this today, my mate posted a thing on facebook saying the EXACT opposite (total coincidence I read it today).

    Anyway it was in The Gaurdian newspaper, and apparently, the number 2 biggest regret of a large group of old people in this nursing home according to a nurse who documented these dying people’s last wishes; their very regret was ‘I wish I hadn’t worked so hard’.


    anyway. cheers.

  4. Thank You!!! Boy did I need to hear that! You encourage us to continue and your advice is real and practical!
    May God Bless you and make you rich, WITHOUT selling your business!

  5. I have learned so much from your site, and value your advice so much as a freelance designer in the papercrafting industry. Thank you for all that you share! I’d echo the sentiment, “You never know!” and add the importance of being true to yourself.

  6. Thank you. I really needed to read what you wrote. I have been working for myself for 5 months now and I have been asking myself lately….where am I going with this….well your words have reminded me why I decided to start my own business. I am following my dream and my heart. I know that if I continue to believe in myself and my vision it will all come together!

  7. So very glad you stayed! I too look forward to your emails and you inspire me to keep going and keep focused on my desire to become a fantastic graphic designer. Thank you so much

  8. Dear Preston

    Thank you for some very exiting and interesting articles, you´re the best!
    Please keep on going!
    // bgm

  9. Hey Preston,

    Great post. I am new to your site and was introduced to Millo by a friend. I am new to the web/graphic design world and have enjoyed reading your posts from a leadership and business perspective. Very refreshing ! Any tips for newbies on where to start ? Thanks !

  10. This is some great advice!

    I have been reading your blog for about two months now and you have had a lot of good advice that I have been trying to include in my freelancing. I have re-designed my website with help from your fifty stunning design portfolios post and included a call to action on it because of multiple posts on Millo that says a call to action is crucial. I have even been inspired to be more serious about my etsy store and put more listings up. Take a look at my sites if you are interested, they are: http://www.catsgraphicgarden.com/ and my etsy store is http://www.etsy.com/shop/Ushynii

    I agree you just have to start doing whatever you want to do, and do it now. You are the only one that can do it. Someone once told me, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, you have to build your own door.”

  11. Wow, I am incredibly glad that you did not sell tire site. I am a student working towards a bachelors in graphic design and look forward to learning from all of your posts . You have definitely been inspiration to keep me working towards my dreams!

  12. My dyslexia kicked in while reading your title. I thought it said “This is my last blog post ever”.”

    It’s a good thing you didn’t sell. You’re probably getting quite a few leads from this blog as well as some income on the side from the monetization.

    Also you’ve been experimenting with different techniques such as doing interviews and putting them on YouTube. I’m guessing you’ve seen a spike in traffic from that one interview.

    David Airey was also offered to sell his blog this week, but he refused.

    Seems like design blogs are the trend recently.

    Anyways, keep up the great work Preston. Looking forward to your future posts.

  13. I’ve never heard of anyone looking back on life or on a job they had and saying, “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard to achieve my dreams. I wish I had been more mediocre.”

  14. Dear Preston,
    thank you for this post which moved me to tears.
    It is such great encouragement and more than ever, I had the feeling to see your smile I never saw and hear the enthusiasm in your voice I never heard, but which post after post resonate in my head. Thank you for this true love you demonstrate towards your fellow designers and humans! Wishing you the very best,

  15. Glad to hear you’re staying!! I direct so many people to this site because your straight forward applicable blogs are so important. Keep doing what you’re doing! And….in years to come maybe an even fatter walleted person will let you retire nicely!!

  16. Thanks so much for posting!!! It’s something that we all definitely need to hear sometimes.
    I’m currently working on a project (actually an event) related to my field in photography & design, and I’m absolutely terrified of starting it out of fear that no one will show up or it won’t be a success. But I know I have to push those fears aside and realize, if I don’t try my best to make it happen, then I will never know how amazing it could possibly be. Thanks for the words of inspiration, and I’m glad you’ll keep blogging 🙂

  17. Thanks.
    Thanks for not selling. I’m sure you’ve weighed out all the options and the this, thats. Having sold my old agency, it is a tough decision to move forward and let go of something so personal that you’ve built.

    I read your mail/newsletter/blog regularly. As a small boutique agency a lot of what you say is just ‘duh’ for the creative world. But it’s good to hear it from someone else and worded. And there’s a lot you say that serves as reminders.

    Thank you for staying on.

  18. Well said. And thanks for sticking around. Unlike some blogs that shovel things like “the top 10 reasons to maximize your web presence” Yours sounds like a real voice, a human voice and that we can all learn from.

  19. I’ve always dreamed of freelance illustration. Selling prints and creating commissions, while sitting on a drop cloth on my floor.

  20. So glad we have you for the unforeseeable future! Your inspiration, insight and motivation is invaluable. Thanks for putting us first! We will never forget that!
    Just bought your book as well! Created a google doc to work on the homework each day. After 3 1/2 years of full-time freelancing I thought I would skip over a bunch and just look for some nuggets. But decided instead to really try to do the homework each day and relearn or better learn each step. Thanks for all you do! Ryan T.

  21. I am so glad you decided to stay with us. I look forward to my Millo post in my emails. I especially look forward to the posts by Preston D. Lee 🙂

    I am glad you took the time to say what you did today. It is very charging and I appreciate the inspiration. Times can be hard, and dreaming can come with a few nightmares. So thanks!!!

  22. Preston – every time I read your blog, you A-M-A-Z-E ME!!!! This blog has been so incredibly helpful, uplifting and educational. I love your wisdom and insight into business, clients and everything!

    I’m glad you didn’t sell your business, I’m glad you’re still in it to win it because honestly – you rock at it, my friend 🙂

    Thanks again and Happy Monday! 🙂


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