Introducing our brand-new podcast: My Freelance Life

Today, we’re excited to launch our third podcast—one we’ve been working on for months—called My Freelance Life.

The show takes a unique approach to exploring the world of freelancing.

Just a few months ago, I worked at a small tech startup with a bunch of really great people. One of those people was Andy.

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One day, Andy sent a memo to the entire company announcing that he was leaving his desk-job to pursue freelancing full-time. (Andy reads the memo in the trailer below.)

I had to tell his story…

Naturally, after working with so many aspiring freelancers here at Millo I was over-the-top excited for him.

So I told him about Millo (my side-project at the time…and the blog you’re reading right now…) and asked if I could document his journey from full-time desk-jobber to full-time freelancer.

He agreed and I was pumped.

We hit record and I started asking him lots of questions about what the transition is like.

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How long had he wanted to work for himself? Why leave the company now? What were his plans for the future?

I wanted to know everything.

I found out Andy is planning to move out of his apartment, live in Europe with his wife Brittnee for a while, go to a wedding in Trinidad, and then figure out what adventure comes next. He’ll be traveling and living the freelance life dream.

And we plan to document the entire thing as it unfolds. Practically in real-time.

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You’ll find the full-trailer below and we’d love to hear what you think about our all new show, My Freelance Life.

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