It’s here! ‘How Much Should I Charge?’: new ebook bundle for freelancers and creative pros

It’s finally here! Today, we’re releasing April Greer’s all-new ebook bundle How Much Should I Charge? A simple guide to getting paid what you deserve.

And, in case you missed the post last week, we’re giving away a FREE Skype session with author April Greer to one lucky person who pre-ordered or who buys the book during launch week (3/17-3/24)!

UPDATE: Due to popular request, we’ve added a second buying option for those of you who want to use PayPal instead of a credit card. Click here to buy with PayPal.

What you get when you order:

Here’s what you can expect when you order the book for just $15:

  • The full eBook: How Much Should I Charge? 
  • An easy-to-follow spreadsheet to do all of the math required for the exercises in the eBook
  • Advice and answers from veteran entrepreneurs on tough pricing questions
  • BONUS Appendix of budgeting, accounting, and freelancing resources
  • DOUBLE BONUS: (this week only) a chance to win a free Skype Session with April Greer + bonus ebook Break Through (only available in Stoked)


What people are saying about it

Plus, 100+ Stoked members have already downloaded and read the book and are loving it! Here’s what they have to say:

This book is a […] quick read, but it’s so deep and worth every second!!! I have been working myself to death and not understanding why I’m still in the “hobby” phase. But I think I have a better idea why now. I think this will be a very good year for me thanks to this book.
-Erica Miller

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It has been hard as a new freelancer knowing what to charge and how to make the money I need to stay in business. I read April’s book and it all is starting to get better. I plan to raise my rates the smart way in a couple of months. This book is gold.
– Alhmad Dosdain

I hate spreadsheets. But this book helped me see that they’re not so evil…maybe. The calculator [April built] is helping me figure out my real worth as a freelance motion graphics artist.
– Kris Foll

100+ designers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs can’t be wrong: this book is absolutely worth its weight in gold.

Click to order your copy and be entered to win a Skype session with author April Greer!

Advice from pros = so awesome

On a personal note, one of my favorite parts of this ebook bundle is the last chapter in the book titled “Pricing Tips from the Pros.” In this chapter, April reached out to a few close friends and fellow entrepreneurs to get their take on pricing. The answers are outstanding!

Take this one, for example, from Mike at Pinson Digital:

Q: Do you vary your rate by customer?

A: Hard to say as a brochure for an auto repair shop and a brochure for a “high-end” client are not the same. The high-end client will expect a lot more “detail” to the project. I charge both clients the same rate, but I quote different amounts of time for each project.

If you’ve ever run up against the question of charging all your clients the same rate, you know what Mike’s talking about.

So much more inside!

You’ll find this ebook bundle completely chocked full of resources like this one plus a rate calculator and hand-picked budgeting, finances, and accounting resources chosen and vetted by April herself.

Click to order your copy of How Much Should I Charge? today.

UPDATE: Due to popular request, we’ve added a second buying option for those of you who want to use PayPal instead of a credit card. Click here to buy with PayPal.

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  1. Love Millo blogs thank you and interested in buying this e-book but just wanted to know: is it heavily US advice based? Lots of things I read on pricing talk in dollars and also the US market place is quite different. Also If there are tips in there for resources are they ones we in the UK can access?



    1. Hi Maddie,

      The advice and resources are for all service-based entrepreneurs worldwide, not just US designers. As I am American, all of my examples (based on my real life) are in US dollars, but the wisdom behind them is global. Some topics include: understanding your expenses, billable hours and how they affect your business, why you need to know your hourly rate, and advice from veteran entrepreneurs on tough pricing questions like “how do you determine your intellectual worth?,” “do you vary your pricing by customer?,” and “does location matter (with respect to pricing)?”

      Thanks for your interest!


  2. I downloaded your book, How Much Should I Charge? A simple guide to getting paid what you deserve. Thanks for the info and the Spread Sheet. Can I run some Freelance names by you?



    1. Hi Bert,

      I’m glad you liked the ebook! You most certainly can run some names by me – either email me directly or reply to this comment!

      Talk to you soon,


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