Building a $45,000/mo business from scratch in less than a year with Jake Jorgovan of Lead Cookie (FTF 4.2)

Jake Jorgovan has started a lot of businesses—from recording punk rock bands in his basement as a teenager to designing websites for multiple clients. But Jake recently learned that if he wanted to scale to something bigger than his own expertise, he had to rethink everything.

That realization eventually lead Jake to build Lead Cookie—a now-more-than $45,000/month business he built in just over 6 months.

In today’s episode of Freelance to Founder, you’ll hear how Jake radically adjusted his thinking and business-building habits to quickly grow from absolute zero to a good-sized team and a scalable business.

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  1. Hi guys,

    just a little feedback.

    I’m just listening a new podcast “From nerdy kid…” and I hate a one thing. The background music. Could you make the podcasts without the music or with lower level?

    The reasons?

    1) for example I am Czech and my listening english skill is not 100 %. I have to focus on every word.

    2) I am a musician. So whenever the music starts to play, I start to focus on the music but not on the words and I’m out.

    Thank you

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