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  1. Interesting read. I usually follow a JIT system (Just In Time), typically adopted in the lean manufacturing industry. It involves completing tasks as and when they arrive and no later. Meaning that If an email arrives, everything stops until the email is adequately dealt with. I’ve adopted this method in many ways, but it’s particularly useful in something like an email setting. Thanks for the post!

    • Sharon Pettis McElwee says

      Because of the amount of newsletters I get, I find the JIT method doesn’t work well for me. But it’s always great to hear about email management from a different perspective. Thanks, Zeyad Design!

  2. Mindy Lepp says

    This is very timely! And uh-oh… I have a bunch of Millo emails sitting in my inbox to read later. I really want to read them all so deleting any of them makes me twitch a little 😉

    • Sharon Pettis McElwee says

      We’ll forgive you this time, Mindy 🙂 Hitting delete won’t usually automatically unsubscribe you, so you’ll still get all our awesome goodness next time we publish!

      • Mindy Lepp says

        Phew…haha ! Oh I definitely don’t want to unsubscribe…just need to be pickier about which ones I save to read 🙂

  3. As a slight expansion on the inbox scheduling, I often turn off my email for an hour at a time. Chances are, nothing will come through that requires any attention quicker than that, and if theres an urgent matter clients will tend to call anyway.

    The beauty of email is its asynchronous communication, so by its very nature theres no implied ‘instant response’ when you send/receive it.

    • Sharon Pettis McElwee says

      That’s kinda how I use Inbox Pause. What I like about this app is that it has an auto responder feature that instructs my clients to call me if it’s an emergency. Thanks, Matt!

      • I definitely can see how that would be useful 🙂

        I think one of the key things to remember is not to shoot yourself in the foot early in a relationship. If you get back to people too quickly early on with a new client because you are keen to get the job and impress, you are setting a president that is hard to maintain longterm.

  4. Good tips! I hadn’t heard of Inbox Pause/Mailbox – definitely going to check them out.

    I’ve always been crazy organized with my email – I had a huge system of filters & labels set up before Gmail came out with their inbox tab system. I felt like they stole my idea 😀

    I do have trouble keeping my email subscriptions down. I try to keep it to 5 or less really useful newsletters, and subscribe to everything else in Feedly – and then schedule & limit my Feedly time.

    • Sharon Pettis McElwee says

      Thanks, KeriLynn. I’m starting to use Feedly more but I don’t like that it forces me to download their app on my phone. I already have way too many apps!

      I use both Inbox Pause for Gmail and the new Inbox app from Google. I love the fact that the inbox app automatically creates reminders for you at times and that you can “snooze” your email to a later date 🙂

  5. Wow! This is a great process. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with emails at the moment. I’ve started organising everything and that’s helping heaps but I need to look into Inbox Pause. Might be exactly what I need!

    • Sharon Pettis McElwee says

      Sorry for the late reply Radhika, but Inbox Pause is an awesome tool. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t work with Inbox for Gmail yet, which I really like because of the ability to bundle messages and create reminders from them.


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