How a hobby turned into a six-figure business for Krista Stryker

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Krista Stryker Interview on Freelance to Founder Podcast

Today, you’ll hear the story of Krista Stryker, founder of 12 Minute Athlete. Krista is living a comfortable life. She’s married, lives in Los Angeles, California. She’s got her own fitness app, an incredible YouTube channel. Blogs for days on healthy living and activities featuring High Intensity Interval Training (HTIT). Life is good.

Her business is doing well into the six figures and she’s recently added numerous contributors to 12 Minute Athlete in a variety of capacities. But it wasn’t always this way.

After college she got married, she moved overseas, where Krista dabbled in writing and took a lot at teaching English to the Dutch…who, unfortunately, she discovered and you may already know…already speak English quite well, thank you very much. Things just weren’t panning out. Meanwhile, she wasn’t particularly happy with her health either.

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In this episode, you’re going to hear about the Aha moment that turned things around and transformed Krista into a founder. You’re going to hear how she went from personal trainer to app developer, to online course builder. You’re going to hear how she struggles with what content to give away vs. what content she should charge for. And you’re going to hear her future vision for 12 Minute Athlete, and how what you see on the home page and in other content will change.

Without further adieu, here’s our interview with Krista Stryker.

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