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Take your logo design to the next level with a super brainstorm

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Logo design is hard. I mean, sure, any second-rate designer can throw together some text and an image. Most designers can even handle themselves fairly well with the pen tool in Illustrator.

But it takes some serious time, effort, and talent to create truly iconic logos. It’s not easy creating logos that convey the right message in a creative and original way. Today, I want to discuss one of the most important aspects of the logo design process:


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You need a bigger brainstorm

The reason most logos turn out to be mediocre is because designers stop their brainstorm just when it’s about to get good. Most designers settle with one of the first ideas they have which usually leaves you with a cliché and unoriginal logo. If you want to take your logo designs to the next level, you need to have a huge brainstorm.

How to have a brainstorm that brings great results

If you’re ready to have a great brainstorm, consider the following tips:

1. Dedicate enough time. Set aside more than 30 minutes or an hour for your brainstorm. Take the entire afternoon to brainstorm and plan on being exhausted when you get done.

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2. Don’t settle for your first ideas. I have heard some logo designers say you shouldn’t settle for any design that comes to mind within the first 100 brainstorm ideas. I’m not sure this is the best option, but you need to learn to not fall in love with your ideas before you fully explore the possibilities.

3. Find your own technique. Some people brainstorm with words, some people use a whiteboard, some people sketch. Whatever your technique is, explore it, exploit it, and master it. Make it your own and then rock it all the way to the bank.

4. Don’t throw out any ideas too early. There’s nothing more hindering to a successful brainstorm than judging your own ideas too early. Just get everything out on paper (or whiteboard, or the computer, or whatever tools you use) first, then you can go through and weed out the “bad” ideas.

5. Let your ideas marinate. After you have a huge brainstorm, take 24 hours to take your mind off of this particular project and let your brainstorm marinate. You’ll be amazed at what you think of your ideas tomorrow. After a good night’s rest, sometimes your “worst” ideas become the most successful solutions (and vice versa).

6. Ask for input from others after you’ve exhausted yourself. Once you have explored every possible solution in your brain, ask other people for their help. Ask for input on your designs, learn what your designs communicate, ask for more ideas. Expand your brainstorm!

What other logo design brainstorm ideas can you share?

What logo design brainstorm secrets do you have? Share them with the rest of us by leaving a comment.

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  1. Thank you for this post! Excellent points. Logo design is something that I am learning. I am glad I came across this. I will be sure to check out the post with the 55+ questions.

    Thanks again Mr. Lee!

  2. Great article, I will retweet this for sure!

  3. It amazes me at the amount of people who don’t brain storm something as simple as a logo design. It’s your brand, your identity, it’s how people will see you!

  4. Super article…we always find designing logos a challenge ourselves. This really helps!

  5. Oh brainstorming or mind-mapping is SO important – I wouldn’t approach any logo design project without it. Also agree that you should push past the first ideas BUT…sometimes we just know when one of the first ideas is a great one. It shouldn’t be discarded just because it arrived early in the process. Sure, keep going and work out some more ideas, but if there’s a brilliant early one be sure to use it in your concept presentation.

  6. I am graphic designer and I have some projects and they are great job.thank you

  7. Asad Ali says:

    Good work,
    One need to take proper time, brainstorm, and do research work before designing a creative logo. As logo is one of the most important aspects of any brand, so its necessary to take suggestions from others.
    Also try to use some pinboard apps to organize the brainstorm session.


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  2. […] Take your logo design to the next level with a super brainstorm […]

  3. […] Take your logo design to the next level with a super brainstorm […]

  4. […] Take your logo design to the next level with a super brainstorm […]


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