From losing everything to building a massive solo career with Michael O’Neal and ‘The Solopreneur Hour’ (FTF 3.3)

Michael O’Neal is one of the most well-known podcasters in the world of independent entrepreneurship. His show, The Solopreneur Hour reaches a massive audience and Michael himself has become one of the most well-known and highly respected hosts around.

And it’s not just podcasting Michael is good at. He’s build an entire solo career around his success in podcasting. From coaching to speaking, plus a membership community and more, Michael has built a brand and a movement that will likely sustain him for the rest of his life.

But it wasn’t always that way.

It wasn’t long ago that Michael was working as an IT tech and web designer at a local magazine company. He eventually left that job after some major disappointments from the company leadership.

Things were looking positive as Michael found success working as a freelancer. But then, disaster struck.

Within a year, both of Michael’s parents passed away leaving Michael devastated both emotionally and financially. Taking care of his parents had eaten away his 401K and any other savings he had built up over the years.

But in episode 3.3 of Freelance to Founder, you’ll hear the full story of how Michael came back from that devastating time. And how he ultimately built a small empire on the back of his expertise in freelancing and solopreneurship.

To listen to the full episode, click below or find the show in iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

You can also listen to any previous episodes of Freelance to Founder on our website, in Apple Podcasts, or through Pocket Casts.

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