My #1 Tool for Keeping My Freelance Projects Organized

It’s easy to confuse freelancing with juggling. It’s a perennial problem that every self-employed hustler has to solve. 

So today, I wanted to share with you the one tool that has changed how I juggle everything, forever.

2 weeks ago, I was completing a project for one of my clients, while also figuring out our vacation travel plans and I had a new blog post I was trying to publish.

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I had my Chrome browser open and I was furiously switching between tabs to do it all, but I kept forgetting which tabs had the information I needed.

That wasn’t working so I dragged the tabs into separate windows and soon I had 4 browser windows open on top of everything else open on my computer. Next thing I know my computer was slow, two hours had passed I hadn’t fully completed any of the 3 things I was attempting to complete.

Sound familiar?

It’s like juggling chainsaws and there’s a looming dread that if I take my eyes off for one second, they’ll all come crashing dangerously down toward me.

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I then remembered a conversation I had with a friend I used to work with a couple of years back. He was building a tool for freelancers that would organize how we work and give people better flow. 

I distinctly remember him saying to me over and over again “browsers aren’t built to do meaningful work, they’re meant to surf the internet.” He sent me a link to try his new tool called FabrIQ.  

I downloaded the free version and started going through the onboarding. In FabrIQ you connect the web applications that you use the most, like slack, mailchimp, google analytics, etc, and organize them into different workstations that keep everything open and available in a left vertical sidebar. In each workstation, I could arrange the tools I need, so I don’t have to have an all-encompassing bookmarks bar for every tool I need for every project.

No kidding, after 10 minutes of setting up my FabrIQ, I felt my work was more organized than it’s probably ever been.

To put in shortly, FabrIQ is a desktop application that acts as your work browser. It organizes the tools you use most on the left hand side and allows you to organize those tools into different “Workspaces” like “Client 1”, “Client 2”, “Millo Website”, “Personal”, etc. Much better than having multiple windows open to feast on eating computer’s RAM.

FabrIQ has every tool that I need and the applications are already signed in and ready to use whenever I need them. So now when I work, I don’t need to remember all the windows to open, it’s all already there.

Working in a browser just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. 

If you want to try FabrIQ, just go here.

It’s free to use up to 2 workstations and you can get 50% off their Premium plan for 6 months with the code “MILLO”. ($9/mo ->$4.50/mo)

Download it, try it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below. It’s definitely worth the 5 minutes of setup to totally change how you work. 

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