Need more clients? Coworking may be the answer

Working from home is often the first choice when you are a freelancer. Sometimes, freelancers travel, work from hotels, or go to coffee shops, but those aren’t your only options.

How about a place you can get more business from other people that are in a similar or the same situation as you are?

Coworking concept

Coworking is a shared office space for work-from-home people. It’s built for digital nomads where people can go and work in a professional workspace.

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Those people usually don’t need the whole office for themselves, but need some special features. Coworking places provide shared desks, conference rooms, printers, phone booths, various events, etc.

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Usually, coworking locations are community focused where people meet each other and work together. They also take breaks together, go for lunches, happy hours, and in general like being surrounded with like-minded people.

Most of the time members go for workshops, various classes, events and meetings that a coworking organizes.

Need more clients?

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Workshops & events

We/freelancers promote ourselves in different ways. Online, using Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, and very often we go to networking events, where we can meet other freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs, exchange business cards, and look for referrals.

Besides those traditional ways to meet people, we can host a workshop if we are a coworking member. We can talk about what we do, teach other people, and just spread the word in general.

Almost every coworking space has weekly or monthly events, and I personally love attending them and meeting new people. My favorite events are networking opportunities.

I always exchange business experiences, positive and not so positive things about being your own boss, exchange services, learn something new, practice your pitch etc.

Word of mouth

It has been always known that one of the best ways to get freelance jobs is through referrals. Family, friends, and people that know you will always keep you in mind if someone is looking for services that you can provide.

Your coworkers are going to do the same! People meet other people and naturally pass referrals.

Example: If there is a freelance graphic designer that is working with the owner of a small local coffee shop, after a logo, business cards, and a website are done, that coffee shop is maybe going to need a photographer, or someone who can help them with online ads (social media marketing), and then they are going to look for a videographer… Those can all be freelancers that work together from a coworking.


Don’t’ be shy. Ask. Ask everyone you meet if they know someone who is looking for your services. Make an offer. As a graphic designer, I always collaborate with content writers, videographers, and web developers.

Working from a coworking, your coworker has to have some connections within your same or similar target market. And not just that, you can also have a better recourse for your clients and give them referrals.

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Work from home is great, but not always! A good healthy mix of a home and shared office space can bring you a lot of great opportunities that you can benefit from.

Have you ever tried coworking or networking? If so, I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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