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How you can make $11K in extra income with tiny “tweaks” to your creative business

One of my favorite business books of all time comes from Chris Guillebeau and it’s titled The $100 Startup*. The book is packed full of great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here’s one ... > 5-reasons-marketing-everyone-will-kill-creative-business

5 Reasons why marketing to everyone will kill your creative business

Does your website list a half dozen or more capabilities: logo design, website design, print, SEO, photography, video, PR? Are you afraid of losing out on any opportunities that a client or prospect m... > rebecca-day-in-the-life

A day in the life of one freelance designer

Trying to pin down one day in my design life is a pretty daunting prospect. I guess that’s what makes being a freelance designer so darn interesting to me – it’s not an orderly, predictable ... > fonts-convert-best-web-design-using

Which fonts convert best in web design & are you using them?

You know what makes up a good website: great color scheme, intuitive navigation, and awesome calls-to-action (among many other things). Since all of these elements are calculated to stand out, it make... > use-email-marketing-to-find-new-clients

How our agency uses email marketing to find new clients fast

When you’re ready to make a big purchase… let’s say a new computer… you probably go steps like these: First, you start getting tired of the old one. So you start browsing around some websites,... > 12-sure-fire-ways-to-be-happier-as-a-freelance-designer

12 Sure-fire ways to be happier as a freelance designer

I consider myself an incredibly fortunate person. Through a combination of hard work and luck, I am a freelance designer – my dream job. For all of its ups and downs, complications and stressful mom... > 3-easy-ways-turn-one-off-projects-long-term-clients

3 Easy ways to turn one-off projects into long-term clients

Let’s start with the obvious: not all of your clients are candidates for long-term relationships. Okay, so you’ve been hired to do a project for a client. Pretty straightforward, right? ... > 4-sales-hacks-for-getting-new-clients-winning-negotiations-and-closing-the-deal-every-time

4 Sales hacks for getting new clients, winning negotiations, and closing the deal every time

I get that it’s possible to make good money without ever dealing with clients. But still, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess: you work with clients on an almost-daily basis. And, let’s be h... > 10-vital-questions-when-naming-your-solo-business

10 Vital questions to ask yourself when naming your solo business

Creating your business name is easily one of the most difficult parts of starting (or rebranding) your business. Nothing inspires more self-doubt and creativity blocks than trying to name your own bus... > dos-donts-branding-business-right

10 Essential dos and don’ts of branding your solo business

As a creative entrepreneur, sometimes it feels like you’re supposed to be automatically awesome at creating a stellar brand for your solo business. The truth is, perfecting your own brand is t...