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11 Sites to Find WordPress Developer Jobs Online

It’s no secret the WordPress community is growing. All over the web, blogs are written about the platform, hundreds of plugins are created every year, and it’s used by over 40% of the web from... > how-to-get-web-design-clients

How to Get Web Design Clients: 10 Pro Tips to Get Work Now

Even if you’re a professional web designer with extraordinary talent and a diverse portfolio of projects, figuring out how to get web design clients and promote your business may be a difficult ... > reconnecting-with-old-clients-email-template

How to Reconnect With Old Clients (5 Email Templates Included)

After all of your hard work to gain clients, it makes sense that you want to keep the relationships built for as long as possible. Even if you are a freelancer, you should have a client retention stra... > 7-proven-ways-to-establish-trust-with-your-clients-as-a-freelancer

7 Proven Ways to Build Trust Among Corporate Clients for Freelancers with Rimuut

Stuck with a single gig for the last couple of months? After going solo in business, life gets incredibly sweeter, but consistency in work and sustainability of workflows are terribly hard to achieve.... > freelance-affiliate-marketing

How To Make Money With Freelance Affiliate Marketing + 3 Sites To Find Jobs

It’s no wonder freelance affiliate marketing is on the rise since affiliate marketing is one of the most popular techniques for generating sales and building a passive income. The marketing strategy... > freelance-email-marketing

How to Use Freelance Email Marketing to Win New Clients in 2022

To acquire new clients and expand your business as a freelancer, you’ll need at least a basic marketing plan, and email marketing is one of the most often used marketing methods. On the surface,... > client-gifts

13 Client Gifts to Wow Your Clients (and Get Repeat Business)

Client gifts aren’t just a kind gesture you should consider at the end of each year. Rather, sending your client gifts shows that you appreciate their business and care enough to plan ahead and ... > say-no-client-re-establish-boundaries

8 Tips for Setting Boundaries With Clients Respectfully

Setting boundaries with clients is an incredibly difficult task for freelancers and small business owners. On one hand, you want to attract clients and keep them as happy as possible. But then, the cl... > how-to-offer-a-professional-discount-without-cheapening-your-services

The Right Way to Use Email for Giving Discounts to Customers or Clients

Giving discounts to clients or customers via email can be a great way to spark a little energy into your business and boost sales for the month. But writing an email for giving discounts to customers ... > 9-strategies-to-acquire-new-freelance-clients-and-retain-old-ones

9 Strategies To Acquire New Freelance Clients And Retain Old Ones

You’ve got the talent and know-how to succeed as a self-employed or freelancer. In your home office, you’ve arranged all of the essentials: your desk, computer, and printer. However, obtai...