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Top 5 HoneyBook Alternatives for Freelancers (2023)

A freelance business is mainly composed of time spent in creative/client work and time spent in administrative work. Many freelancers discover early in their journey that the administrative side of th... > top-8-dubsado-alternatives-to-manage-clients-2022

Top 8 Dubsado Alternatives to Manage Clients (2023)

If you have decided to give “this freelancing thing” a serious go, you must have noticed that you won’t get very far without technology and processes supporting your work. One of these pieces of... > asana-vs-monday

Asana vs Monday: Comparing Which Project Management Software Reigns Supreme

Staying on top of workflow, deadlines and cash flow is vital to the success of any business. For freelancers, all of these tasks fall onto a single person’s shoulders. That’s why a quality work ma... > what-is-a-freelancer

What is a Freelancer? Here’s What it Takes to Be One

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have more than likely heard about the rise of independent workers, contractors, and new ways of doing business. But can you answer the question, “what i... > how-to-scale-freelance-business

Scaling your Freelance Business: How to Hire and Train a Remote Workforce

One thing is clear: the future is freelance. By 2027, freelancers are expected to become the majority workforce in the U.S. This makes the present the perfect time to learn how to scale your freelance... > how-to-keep-clients-coming-back

6 Tips to Keep Clients Coming Back as a Freelancer

Acquiring new clients is far more tedious (and consequently costlier) than “activating” current clients. Ever wonder how to get clients to keep coming back? A 2014 study by Harvard Business School... > how-to-start-a-web-design-business

How to Start a Web Design Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

So you’ve mastered the arts in web design. Now you’re looking to grow your own web design business. You clicked on this page because you want to know how to start a web design business, and yes, t... > wordpress-themes-for-artists

8 WordPress Themes for Artists to Create Your Online Presence

For at least a decade, WordPress has been the gold standard for building simple websites. Today, 43.2% of all websites with a CMS are powered by WordPress. So––a LOT of websites. One of the reason... > how-to-become-a-grant-writer

How to Become a Grant Writer in 14 Steps

Do you want to know how to become a grant writer? It’s a great career field to get into! This blog post will outline 14 steps to help you become a grant writing pro. We’ll cover everything... > upwork-top-rated

How I Became a Top-Rated Upwork Freelancer

I wasn’t certain that being a “top-rated” Upwork freelancer would make a difference. I figured that everyone on that platform is treated the same way. But it turns out that being an Upwork top-r...