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How to Start Freelancing as an IT Developer + Tips to Landing Your First Client

Freelancing has been a popular way to earn money for many decades. This is especially true in the IT industry. Technology companies are now the most profitable businesses in the world, and there are s... > 7-proven-ways-to-establish-trust-with-your-clients-as-a-freelancer

7 Proven Ways to Build Trust Among Corporate Clients for Freelancers with Rimuut

Stuck with a single gig for the last couple of months? After going solo in business, life gets incredibly sweeter, but consistency in work and sustainability of workflows are terribly hard to achieve.... > 5-ways-freelancers-can-make-a-living-from-healthcare-consulting-services

5 Ways Freelancers Can Make a Living from Healthcare Consulting Services

Due to the intricacies of the health industry, the vast majority of experts believe that healthcare consulting services must rely solely on individuals working directly under the service provider. If ... > what-is-a-retainer-fee

What Is A Retainer Fee? 4 Ways You Can Scale Your Recurring Income

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly chasing that next payment? Wondering where it’s going to come from, or when you might get paid? This uncertainty in your freelance business can be r... > cost-working-low-value-clients

The hidden deadly cost of saying “yes” to a new client

In order to really grow your freelance business, you should take on FEWER clients. It seems counter-intuitive at first. Fewer clients = more revenue and growth? How? The thing I’ve learned about... > timeular-review

Timeular is FUN. But does it really boost productivity?

Let’s start with one reason we’re providing this Timeular review, to help you think about the best way to record how you spend your time as a freelancer. I recently had a conversation with a clien... > say-no-client-re-establish-boundaries

8 Tips for Setting Boundaries With Clients Respectfully

Setting boundaries with clients is an incredibly difficult task for freelancers and small business owners. On one hand, you want to attract clients and keep them as happy as possible. But then, the cl... > 9-strategies-to-acquire-new-freelance-clients-and-retain-old-ones

9 Strategies To Acquire New Freelance Clients And Retain Old Ones

You’ve got the talent and know-how to succeed as a self-employed or freelancer. In your home office, you’ve arranged all of the essentials: your desk, computer, and printer. However, obtai... > quickbooks-for-mac

Do You Need QuickBooks for Mac 2022? (Review)

A lot of new freelancers are surprised to find out that being successful depends as much on how they run a business as it does on the skills they are charging for. That’s where a good accounting sof... > sole-proprietorship-pros-and-cons

Sole Proprietorship Pros and Cons You’ll Want to Consider

As a hardworking freelancer, you may find the legal side of operating your business somewhat puzzling at times. There are plenty of freelancers who find themselves pondering sole proprietorship pros ...