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This is how you position your expertise to win high-paying clients

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Just about every freelancer has heard this piece of advice at some point:

You need to pick a profitable niche to succeed.

And it’s true – when you niche down the right way, your target clients are more likely to hire you.

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They’ll see you as the perfect fit to write for them as opposed to someone who might be able to get the job done right.

But here’s the thing:

You can’t just pick a niche and expect the clients to come rolling in.

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You have to market your niche expertise too. Otherwise, your target clients won’t know what you’re best at.

Let’s talk about a few of the best ways to position your expertise so you can attract the clientele you’re after.

Make your niche clear on your website home page

Go to your freelance business website right now, and ask yourself:

Is my niche immediately apparent when my site loads?

If it’s not, you have some work to do.

I recommend putting your niche in a large header above the fold or somewhere at the top of the page near your logo.

Seriously – don’t leave it out, and don’t stuff it down in some way-too-long paragraph that no one’s going to read.

You want your target clients to immediately recognize you as a perfect fit for them as soon as they land on your site.

Use relevant social proof

Social proof is proven to build trust. As a freelancer, you can use social proof on your website by showcasing:

  • Client testimonials
  • Places you’ve been published
  • Clients you’ve worked with

But to position your niche expertise, you want relevant social proof.

For example, imagine you’re a freelance technology blog post writer.

You’d want to have testimonials about your blog post writing abilities from someone at a technology company.

Don’t get me wrong. General social proof can also be useful.

But the best social proof is relevant and establishes your niche expertise too.

Tailor your portfolio

I’ve seen it over and over.

A freelancer will mention their niche on their site, but when I look at their portfolio, they don’t have any relevant samples.

Instead, they have a bunch of random samples, and it’s just plain confusing.

Don’t make this mistake.

You need to tailor your portfolio to your niche if you really want to be seen as an expert.

For example, my niche is writing B2B/marketing blog posts.

So, I have 6 of my best B2B/marketing blog posts in my portfolio.

Nothing more.

I’ve written about lots of other topics, but I leave those out because they aren’t relevant to my target clients.

And I keep the number of samples to a minimum.

Because let’s face it – none of my potential clients are going to spend time looking through a huge list of writing samples.

I only want them to see my best and most relevant work, so that’s what I show them.

Use the same approach to position your expertise in your portfolio, and you’ll be better equipped to land the target clients you’re after.

Bottom line: go all in on marketing your expertise in one niche

Niching down can be scary. I get it.

You might think that going all in on marketing your niche expertise is going to make your client pool too narrow.

And it will make some people uninterested in hiring you.

But keep this in mind:

You don’t need to be a good fit for all kinds of clients. You just need to be the perfect fit for one type of client.

That’s the key to consistently landing high-paying work.

Do you use your expertise to win freelance clients? Share in the comments below!

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