From freelancer to 7-figure agency with Shannon DeJong and House of Who

Shannon DeJong Freelance to Founder


In this final episode of season 6, we feature the story of Shannon Dejong – an Entrepreneur, artist, speaker, and CEO of boutique agency House of Who.

Years ago, she thought she’d be an actor on a stage or writing poetry for a living. The first part of that is definitely true today as she does periodically get on stage as an actor and she’s added the title of CEO to her CV as well.

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She brings 7 team members along as she leads House of Who, a creative agency in the San Francisco Bay Area and is close to hitting the 7-figure mark in revenue for the first time this year.

Shannon takes us through her journey from a freelancer to a CEO running her agency working with clients including Google, eBay, Yahoo, Intel, HP, Disney, Microsoft and more.

This episode also takes a deeper look at how some founders think intensely about their work as an art – and how that can lead to greater clarity about the work itself. And you’ll get plenty of practical advice as well.

Also, tune in to catch a very important announcement about the future of ‘Freelance to Founder’ podcast.

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