Specialist or Generalist – which freelance writing expert should you be?

As a freelance writer, there comes a point where you face a dilemna. Should you write on one narrow topic or should you be open to accept different offers and write on almost any possible topic?

Both of these options have their pros and cons, so let’s look into details that can help you make up your mind about the Specialist vs. Generalist issue.

Specialist Freelance Writers


1. Polish your skills

By being focused on one topic, you get a chance to polish your skills and enhance your knowledge in one particular area. Gradually, you can become a pro.

Just think about it: you do not need to spread out and always make new research because you already know the topic back and forth. That’s why you can concentrate on improving your writing skills instead.

Want more? Have a listen.

Once you get a couple of articles published this way, add the most successful ones to your portfolio. Instead of jumping from topic to topic and investing a whole lot of time on research, you will be able to improve your writing style and increase text readability.

2. Solid knowledge in one specific area

You will save so much time by being focused on one particular area because you will not have to launch an in-depth research every time you get a new topic to work on. This is a huge advantage, according to specialist writers.

You’ll always know the drill – and the biggest challenge you will face is that of looking at old things from a new perspective.

3. You’ll become an expert in a field

Your name will be associated as that of a real expert. Whenever your editor gets a new order, he will immediately think of you as long as it is your niche. Thus, you will build up a great positive image and strengthen the reputation of a pro in a certain area.

And even if you decide to change who you are working for, your reputation will always benefit you at other places.


1. Loss of Interest

You might lose interest in the topic you are currently working on. You write about the same things over and over again. And describing identical notions in different words gets quite boring after you do it several times in a row.

2. You limit yourself 

In today’s ever so fast-changing world, sticking to one area of study can be detrimental to your career. Employers believe that you are supposed to know it all, and that is why they want to order different articles from one person. So, by limiting your area of expertise to just one field, you are throwing many opportunities away.

Generalist Freelance Writers


1. It’s always fresh and interesting

A Generalist must dive into new depths, dig deeper and search for new perspectives – how can one get tired of that?

Today you are writing about art, tomorrow research recent developments in modern technologies, and next week you will have to research higher education in Asia. Besides, you can always choose what exactly you want to work on, especially if you have a reputation of a pro in the market.

Thus, as a generalist, you won’t have to slave on papers you don’t like for hours: just choose among a great variety of available options and enjoy every second of this task.

2. It keeps you open-minded

The best part is that researching becomes one of your strength: you do it so frequently that you no longer stress out.

Make sure not to agree to take new orders with very tight deadlines. But other than that, you can turn this into a habit and strengthen your presence in the market! In other words, it makes you more flexible.


1. You might not know some subjects really deep

You simply do not have time to study in-depth material, so you stay on the surface at all times. Of course, no one is saying that you have to have a Ph.D. in every area you work in, but having some credibility is expected.

But if you jump from one thing to another you might not even have a chance for that. And that’s not cool!

2. You have no time to hone your skills

You are in a rush for the most part. No time to stop and polish your writing skills. That’s one of the ugliest sides of general writing. You might dedicate special time to it on your own, but that’s not the same.

So, if you are a newbie, then maybe becoming a specialist writer is a better choice for you.

Choosing between general and specialist writing has always been a tricky question for all freelance writers. The choice is tough, but you need to decide, and you cannot be both of these!

So, make sure to read all the pros and cons of both options – and decide what works better for you.

We are super excited to hear what you think are the core questions that make one point better than the other. How do you make such kind of decisions?

Please share! We would love to hear back from you!

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