How a successful designer reclaimed her freedom through passive income

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Angelina Samadhi had always been successful. She landed a job with a small agency after college and was able to work on some of the company’s most important accounts. But after her agency career and two businesses of her own, she finally found her niche selling digital products. Angelina creates beautiful vectors, backgrounds and Photoshop actions based on sacred geometry and the universe.


“My work is primarily in the esoteric space,” says Angelina.

Great Beginnings

Angelina got her first job through an internship. After graduating from the Art Institute with a degree in Design and Advertising, she started with an agency.

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“They had some large accounts, and since it was a small agency I learned firsthand about the inner workings,” she says.

After six years, she decided to go on her own. And Skybox Creative was born.

Taking a Break

After a few years, Angelina’s agency was doing well. She had a staff of over ten but felt burned out.

“I was consumed by my job,” she says. “So I decided to do some traveling.”

While traveling around, she began filming, and decided to reopen her company. Skybox Creative now specialized in film, and once again she found herself doing well but feeling overwhelmed.

“I turned down a Hollywood job offer because I found myself feeling completely consumed by my work again.”

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Making the Switch to Passive Income

After a friend told her about selling digital products online, Angelina found a new passion.

“I got my hands on everything I could, and spent all my time learning about how to create a market digital products,” she said.

She poured over websites and carefully absorbed all she felt she needed to know. After months of studying and figuring what she wanted to offer, she began creating. She opened her first store with ten products ready for sale.

Going Digital and Feeling Free

Angelina began selling her products on a popular digital marketplace.

“The income was good, especially when I was featured on the front page,” recalls Angelina.

But after a while, her income dropped significantly and she began to be discouraged. That’s when she found Design Cuts.


Moving On and Up

Her first two projects with Design Cuts did really well, and she finally had a reliable source of income.

“Unlike the other marketplace, Design Cuts has allowed me to enjoy a steady and consistent income like what I had in my first months of selling.”

Today, Angelina has the time to do the things she loves, including design, without feeling consumed by her work. Working with Design Cuts allowed her to reclaim the freedom she was craving while providing a creative outlet and a steady source of income.

To learn more about Angelina’s work, view her products here.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Sharon.

    This article has inspired me to continue work on a passive income idea we’ve been working on.

  2. Love the article! Congratulations on the steady stream of income 🙂

    Pardon my ignorance on this topic. I thought passive income was income in which you didn’t have to work regularly. It sounds like currently this income is active not passive income. What do you think?

    1. Zeeshan, great question! “Passive income” can be interpreted in many ways. In some circles it’s work that you do once and get paid for on a recurring basis…which Angelina does. Essentially, as she continues to work, she continues to build a larger array of items that can be sold passively. If at any point she wanted to stop working entirely, these products could continue to make money. Does that help?

  3. I personally have bought her work on Creative Market. Just love everything she does and appreciate it so much. I am very inspired to do something like this as I’ve been considering what product I can sell online to make a passive income, too. As a fellow graphic designer, this is truly inspiring!

  4. This is kind of like an article… more like a sales pitch. This blog usually has some pretty helpful articles, though is lately feeling a lot more salesy. Maybe you could share more about Design Cuts, how it works, and how it is that working with them increases your income?

    1. Allison, very sorry about that. What felt salesy about this article? If you can articulate on it, I’m happy to address it with the team. You can do that here in the comments or by emailing me preston at millo dot co. Thanks!

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