12 Entrepreneurs who helped us take our side-business full-time (Sidegig 2.5)

Building a successful side-business is no easy task. And it can be even more difficult when you feel like you’re all alone in your journey toward entrepreneurship.

That’s why on today’s episode the three of us brainstorm a list of 12 entrepreneurs who have inspired, motivated, and helped us as we’ve built our own successful side-businesses and turned them into full-time gigs.

The list includes small business builders, massive entrepreneurial visionaries and everyone in-between. Some you’ll know, and some you’ll wish you had heard of a long time ago.

But regardless of where you’re at in your side-hustle journey, this list is a great starting point for building your own list of people (and their books, videos, podcasts, and blogs) who can inspire, guide, and motivate you on your side-hustle journey.

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  1. Great podcast – thank-you!

  2. Hey guys! I just finished the episode today and was wondering if there was somewhere I could find the written list? Loving the show!


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