Terrified to hire your first employee? 5 comforting words of advice.

I remember my first time.



Sheer palm-sweaty, nerve-racking, eye-twitching terror.

All these manic thoughts running through my head. Constantly. Non stop.

Every time I awoke in the morning. Every night when my head collapsed into my pillow at night.

Constantly wondering. No, constantly worrying!

Am I ready? How do I know I’m ready? Where do I start? How do I do it? How much should I pay? What if they suck? How much time is it going to take me to train them? What if they don’t work out? What if I can’t afford to pay them? What if I don’t have enough work? Do I need a contract? What about superannuation and benefits? What about tax? I don’t know anything about paying wages. Does that mean I need a bookkeeper too? Oh man, I don’t think I’m ready. But I’m really busy. I can’t keep going on like this. I’ll burn out. Far out, I’m already burnt out! Who am I kidding? Of course I can do this. I am ready. I’ve got this. It’s the next step. It’s why I started this adventure in the first place. But what if I’m a shit boss? What if they don’t like me? What if………

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Can you relate?

Before we go any further.

Just STOP.

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Take a deep breath.

And remember these five words…

You were born for this.

You’ve got this.

You’re a born entrepreneur.

You’re a true leader.

You wouldn’t have started your business otherwise. This is just the next step in your evolution. Your adventure. Your journey. The journey that YOU get to write. On your terms. Terms that will unlock the freedom you so desperately want. And damn well deserve.

If you really, truly from the depths of your heart, want to live the life of your dreams and make the leap from designer to design entrepreneur then this is it. It’s time to bite the bullet. Dismiss the nerves. And learn how to ride the waves.

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Now I could be all responsible like other blogs out there and tell you to wait until you have one month’s wages in the bank or worse, 3 month’s of trading expenses locked away in a rainy day account but if you’re currently working 80-100 hours a week and you’re running at maximum capacity?

It’s time.

It’s your time.

Screw what the so called ‘experts’ say. I managed to build a 7-figure web business by breaking all the rules, and you can too.

You’ll figure it out. You will.

You will have enough work for them — because you’ll make sure of it.

You will be able to pay them — because you’ll make it happen.

You will find someone awesome — because awesome attracts awesome.

You will grow as a leader like you never thought possible  — because the magic happens when you’re outside your comfort zone.

And like the famous saying goes…

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Wiki meaning: A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem. This saying appears in the dialogue Republic by the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato.

For my first employee, I searched high and low for the answers. I was paralysed by fear. Scared to death of hiring my first employee for 40 hours a week. I had no idea about wages or tax, benefits or superannuation. So I just kept plugging away doing it all myself. Working long, long hours, every weekend, I had no life. It was all just work.

But I got sick. Very sick. I ended up in hospital for a week with a kidney infection from burnout. My body shut down. I could no longer work the gruelling 120 hours a week. It was unsustainable. It wasn’t a business — it was a prison.

So I sought a mentor to help guide me.

And do you know what he said to me? He said:

“Bianca, sometimes you just gotta bite off more than you can chew and then chew like crazy.”

I later found out it was a famous quote by Peter Brock. But since that day, I live by it. It defines everything I do. And it helped get me to where I am today.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean I’m reckless in business. I started small with a sub-contract employee only promising a minimum of 15 hours per week. But you know what? I always had enough work to pay him for 40 or more hours. I was always able to pay him on time. He’s made my business wildly profitable — mostly averaging 5-6 times what I pay him. And he’s a gun.

The absolute best part of this story?

He’s still with me today. Nine years later and he’s still with me. He’s like my brother.

And I would never have found him if I hadn’t taken that leap of faith. Faith in myself. In my ability. In my purpose. In my gifts. My clients. My cash flow. Faith in writing my own story on my terms.

If I had of waited until the time was right? It never would be.

If I had of waited until I had 3 months trading locked away in the bank? I would never get there.

Or until I had all my ducks in a row? Never would have happened.

Business is messy. It’s never smooth sailing. Anyone who tells you that is lying. It’s a war zone. It really is. When you go into business, you go into battle and you better be ready. It’s the craziest damn rollercoaster battlefield you’ll ever experience.

But the difference between those that make it and those that don’t?

Are the ones that take that leap when everyone else is sitting back being ‘cautious.’

The ones that were born for it and will die fighting for it.

The ones that bite off more than they can chew and then chew like crazy. The ones that hustle. That grow. That inspire others. The ones that never stop learning. Or being curious. The ones that are utterly confused on most days are the ones that will realise true entrepreneurism in all it’s glory.

So let me ask you… Is that you?  Are you one of us?

If so, I want you to take action — I want you to take action TODAY.

Take just one step closer to realise your dreams and create your freedom. Your way. On your terms.

Not when you know how.

Not when you have the money stashed away.

Not when you feel ready.

Not when you have the time.

Not when you feel more motivated.

But NOW. And do it because you want to create the life and business of your dreams. The one you daydreamed about as a kid. The life without rules. Without shoes. And lots of loud music. Without the boss barking orders. Without anyone at all telling you what to do.

Create that freedom that enables you to travel the world, explore, paint, draw, take photos of interesting people, spend more time with your family and do what you love most…live this thing called ‘life.’

Because your time is now. Life is now. Don’t wait. Just do it. You’ve got this.

You were born for this.

Are you ready to make a commitment today? Right now. Are you ready to make the leap? Put faith in yourself. Live life on your terms. Gimme a ‘hell yeah’ in the comments if you are!

Let’s hear it!

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Bianca is the co-founder of Web123, Australia’s small business web specialists. Bianca is passionate about reinventing web design for small business. 
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  1. Well i hired first employee in beginning of december. I am scared because i lost lately two clients and lately got one new. I still need some more but i felt a little better after reading your text. It is sometimes so hard to believe in myself even i provided for my family for last 6 years having a company. I just are always worried and think when i will have no debts and savings. It drives me scared. I try to remember your advice. Thank you

  2. Hi, thanks for the great article, I came across it at the very time I needed this input. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who feels that way about hiring people (or felt that way at some point). best of success to all your projects!

  3. robert damilola says:

    you bossed it! i hope to start my agency soon and i must confess, i have also been going through this nightmare. thanks for this writeup, now am cool and ready to chew harder. #love

  4. Hell Yea!

  5. Andy Hamm says:

    Hell yeah.

  6. I very rarely comment on blogs but this one was so inspiring and motivational that I cannot not comment! Thank you Bianca. I’m printing this off and sticking it up as a reminder.

  7. Write a book, Bianca! I guess every start-up designer or entrepreneur needs to hear your words..


  9. Whilst my freelance days are well behind me – I do enjoy your posts, as we recently moved to larger premises our next steps are ‘people in the ground’ for our business.. Thankyou (& hell yeah!)

    1. Bianca Board says:

      Congrats Keith, that’s great to hear! So you have a whole lot of different challenges to look forward to just with a few zeros tacked on the end. Oh the joy! LOL 🙂

  10. Are you people like following me around or something. Have a hidden camera in my office? It’s like you’re posting articles written SPECIFICALLY FOR ME at the EXACT SPECIFIC POINT I’m at on the journey of running a freelance design business. Spins me out every time ,) Keeps me motivated. Lets me know I’m on the right track. I literally took the plunge and interviewed my first contract “employee” yesterday, and am so thoroughly excited about the growth of my design studio.

    Thanks for keeping this blog going, I love this journey!

    1. Hell yeah….

      tnx Bianca

    2. Bianca Board says:

      I absolutely LOVE your comment Damo, you had me in hysterics! Very cool that we can all get inside your head and be of service on your journey. Thanks for inviting us in! 🙂

  11. I started reading this article because of the headline (even though I’ve already made my first hire) and by the time I got to “You were born to do this” I was very intrigued. This article made a beautiful turn from informative to inspiring. By the end I found myself nodding my head, saying Hell Yeah! Great work Bianca, please write more like this!

    1. Bianca Board says:

      Thank you so much Danielle. I am experimenting with a new writing style after a workshop I attended so I’m so chuffed that you were nodding your head along with me! I’ll definitely write more like this, it feels right and if it inspires you then I’m a happy little vegemite!

  12. hell yeah! very inspiring.

    1. Bianca Board says:

      Love it! Thank you!

  13. This article is perfectly timed for me! I just confirmed my first sub-contract offer and the thought of being responsible for someone else’s monitory income is terrifying! Although, I know I have work for them, there is always the big WHAT IF. But, I decided to take the leap and go for it. I’m excited to see my business grow now that we have more hands on deck. Thanks for sending along this article right when I needed to read it. — @OneAnd8Design

    1. Bianca Board says:

      I am SO SO happy for you!! It’s amazing how you just make stuff happen when you have to. You’ll be fine — I just know it. Good luck and enjoy your new responsibility and freedom to the max!

  14. Hahah, great motivational article!
    And I am laughing (with a slight hysterical pitch to it), because everything you wrote above “Can you relate?” is me, every day, doing my work.
    Not even considering hiring someone yet, just in the normal freelance work mode.
    Thank you for showing that everything is just fine with me and millions of other freelancers 🙂

    1. Bianca Board says:

      YES!! It’s okay, you’re normal! And you’re not alone!

      (I do tend to think some days we are all flawed with the same genetic disorder putting ourselves through what we do, but we’re a special bunch all with so much to give! Rock on!)

  15. ya!

    Thanks for the gentle reminders, they are super helpful!

    1. Bianca Board says:

      My pleasure, thanks for reading!

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