The critical tool that helps our tiny team consistently publish 4 times per week

Here at Millo, we work tirelessly to publish unique, interesting, high quality content.

(Are we succeeding? Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.)

But all of us working to do so work full-time elsewhere, so at times it’s been a bit – okay, a lot – hectic making sure everyone’s on the same page.

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  • Who is responsible for what?
  • When are posts due for review?
  • What is publishing this week? (or sometimes, tomorrow!)
  • Etc. etc.

As anyone who’s attempted to blog on a consistent basis knows (as well as anyone who has coordinated an army of writers for any publication), creating a set schedule and publishing regularly is HARD.

Certainly more challenging than I realized when I accepted the “Content Manager” position.

(Even so, I really enjoy it because I’ve learned volumes and absolutely beam the rest of the day when a reader gushes about how perfect and timely a post has been in their life.)

So when Preston approached me earlier this year about adding a 4th publishing day to the calendar, more than a little bit of panic set in.

How would I manage yet another day? What if I didn’t have enough content to post? I barely feel organized as it is. Preston will hate me forever if I fail. OMGOMGOMG my brain may explode.

And then we found an amazing tool to manage our publishing calendar, keep regular authors updated on when their next posts are due and will publish, and schedule social media sharing all in one.

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I was giddy.

(I think I still am.)

Because not only are we able to reliably publish 4 times per week, we’re also working less doing it, so we can focus on creating new ways to help you create a business you love.

Introducing CoSchedule

(You may remember I talked briefly about CoSchedule previously in our post: “10 Awesome apps for productivity and project management.”)

CoSchedule is a marketing management calendar to help you plan and publish your blog, content marketing, and social media.

And it rocks.

Featuring a central calendar fully integrated with WordPress (e.g. one less login), CoSchedule allows you to quickly and easily see what’s publishing in the next few weeks – titles, authors, categories, times, percentage “completed” for each post – as well as scheduled social media shares.


Furthermore, selecting a particular post allows you to create and assign tasks (or a pre-saved template of tasks) for each post.

So, for example, you can:

  • assign the author to add content and the featured image,
  • assign an editor to review the posts as well as add links, categories, and tags; and
  • assign the marketing person to schedule social media promotion.


Each person is automatically emailed reminders for each task, and they can check off the task once finished, updating the “completion” percentage visible on the central calendar.

Also, you can set your social media sharing in this same menu. And to help you promote posts long after they’ve “gone live,” the software prompts you to set up your social queue for the upcoming day, week, and month after publishing (you can also set custom dates).

Even better, CoSchedule allows authors to integrate their own private social media! So social media can be scheduled for both Millo as a whole and April Greer (of course, only those who have been given access can schedule social media for each account). 🙂

As a bonus, you can also leave comments visible (and automatically emailed) to anyone also involved in the post.


On the reporting side of things, the Top Posts page is super-useful. With an at-a-glance list of your most shared posts, you can gauge not only what topics are most successful but also which social media platforms perform the best for you.

Of course, with any software, there are a few things I’d love to see fixed / implemented:

  • Once tasks are completed, I’d rather not see them listed on the schedule. Having a ton of completed tasks hanging around clutters up the calendar, imho.
  • I desperately wish there was a Trello integration (or something with similar functionality) so that topic ideas could be shared and titles be perfected in the same interface, thus cutting out a separate login. Then I’d be able to drag ‘n drop finalized posts directly into CoSchedule / WordPress.
  • Events and notes are still limited to one day, so I have no way of marking someone out on vacation, for example, without making an event or note for each day they’re gone.
  • I’d also like a feature that allows me to set the publishing rate of each author. So if April Greer is supposed to publish 2 times per month, I’d like to see an alert if she’s not scheduled 2 times in the next month or if she’s schedule more than 2 times in the next month. Currently I have to keep track of this manually.

Final thoughts

Overall, CoSchedule is amazing. It replaces 4 separate, independent documents with a beautiful, user-friendly interface.

I’m at least twice as productive now, which means I get to spend more time on stuff that matters and far less on organizational efforts.

And that’s what life’s all about…stuff that matters.

A note from Preston: We were not paid to promote CoSchedule in this article. I genuinely love it and use it every day–and so does April. But, in total transparency, CoSchedule offers a 50% discount to any user who writes a blog post like this one. We’ll be submitting this post to them and getting a discount on our service. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Cathy Cotter says:

    You are doing great!! Quality content with consistency. thank you!

  2. Sharon Pettis McElwee says:

    I’ve been looking at scheduling apps for my own blog for quite some time, and using CoSchedule here has really helped me understand how valuable it can be when working on a team. It really is an awesome app, and now that it’s available as a standalone app and not just a wordpress plugin, it is at the top of my to-buy list 🙂

  3. Thanks for writing this awesome review of CoSchedule! We appreciate it!

  4. The disclosure about the referrer links and incentive should be at the beginning of the post, maybe?


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