“The easiest way to get paid more is to raise my rates” (My Freelance Life 019)

“The easiest way to get paid more is to raise my rates” (My Freelance Life 019)

Andy’s biggest challenge isn’t convincing his clients to pay him more money or chasing after payments. Rather it’s internal – convincing himself that he’s worth the rate he wants to charge. In today’s episode, Andy dives in deep and share with us his strategies to negotiating with clients and how exactly does he go about pricing himself.

Andy also gives his thoughts on something that’s been debated among freelancers ever since the origin of the freelance profession i.e. the great pricing debate – hourly rates vs. fixed pricing.

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You’ll find out exactly what are the pros and cons for hourly rates as compared to fixed rates. And which one should you opt for while going for a client.

As always we would love to hear your thoughts!

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